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Does it feel like you and your partner are arguing every day? Can conversations about the laundry, where to eat dinner, and how to save money turn into major disagreements? Is your time together mired by work or family responsibilities? Has grief, addiction, or distrust made it difficult to view one another with love and compassion? Are you concerned about the influence your relationship has on one another’s mental health?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Relationship issues can be a typical part of anyone’s life, but there are times when issues turn into more glaring problems. If these problems aren’t addressed, it could damage your relationship to the point of no return

Relationship counseling can help any couple, whether you’ve been together a few months or over two decades. Many couples find that couples and marriage therapy help to improve their relationships after a traumatic event, instances of adultery, or when both people are struggling to compromise.

Could meeting with a Thriveworks therapist or counselor help to mend your relationship? Call our counseling center located in Fremont, CA today.

Reasons To Consider Relationship Counseling

Many assume couples only seek professional help when their differences become irreconcilable and the relationship is nearing its end. In reality, couples and marriage counseling is beneficial if sought when issues first arise.

Consulting a registered couples therapist might be right for you if:

  • Your interactions feature constant criticism, contempt, or withdrawal
  • Shared loss or trauma has affected you or your partner
  • You struggle to express your true thoughts and opinions
  • Compromising or making decisions feels impossible
  • You want to strengthen your emotional intimacy
  • You’ve experienced trust issues or infidelity
  • Addiction has put a strain on your relationship
  • You or your partner is contemplating separation or divorce

Happy, fulfilling relationships don’t come effortlessly. They require commitment and hard work. Having great chemistry, shared passions, or similar desires is not always enough to maintain a long-lasting partnership. Ignoring or dismissing your differences can be more harmful than confronting them.

There are no wrong reasons to attend couples therapy. Those who do often become more open, honest communicators and approach future conflicts with their partner’s needs in mind.

What To Expect When Meeting With a Couples Counselor

Therapy sessions unfold differently for every couple, but there are some commonalities to anticipate. At Thriveworks in Fremont, CA, a couples therapist will want to learn more about you and your partner in order to develop a treatment plan. They may ask questions about the length and evolution of your relationship, as well as your individual concerns, needs, and past relationships.

Couples counseling may incorporate:

Emotionally-focused therapy (EFT): This short-term strategy aims to identify and transform negative communication patterns that prevent strong emotional bonding and affect your mental health. EFT helps people unlearn rigid responses to disagreement and resolve problems as a team.

  • The Gottman Method: Focused on addressing the “four horsemen” that cause relationship woes (criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt), the Gottman Method can increase respect, affection, and intimacy between partners.
  • Premarital therapy: Therapy before marriage gives couples the tools to discuss their differing opinions, beliefs, and upbringings. It may also clarify your expectations for starting a family and making financial decisions together.
  • Online relationship counseling: If you’re in a long-distance relationship, can’t travel to a counseling center, or prefer to attend sessions from home, there are teletherapy options for getting help. All you need is a mobile device or computer to connect.

A provider’s knowledge and training are most effective when their clients are equally dedicated to making improvements. This entails being honest and open to challenging conversations and a willingness to listen to your partner without judgement. This is when real growth can happen.

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Every couple faces challenging moments, but they don’t have to define your relationship. Call our office at Thriveworks in Fremont, CA if you’re interested in working with a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Our therapists offer appointments for couples throughout the week and on the weekends. You can schedule your sessions during the morning, afternoon, or evening. As previously mentioned, there are also virtual opportunities available via phone calls and video chat.

New clients often receive their first appointment within 24-48 hours of reaching out to one of our counseling centers. Other benefits you can enjoy when you work with us include access to your provider between sessions using text or email, 24-hour Q+A with a life coach, the Thriveworks Therapy Buddy mobile app, and penalty-free cancellations.

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