Online Counseling in Eden Prairie, MN--Virtual Appointments with Licensed Therapists

Online Counseling in Eden Prairie, MN–Virtual Appointments with Licensed Therapists

Rachel’s mom and sister were practically begging Rachel to see a mental health provider. Rachel’s mood had plummeted over the past few months. She had stopped showing up for her job and was now unemployed. She didn’t want to eat, even when her mom dropped by with the homemade comfort food that Rachel usually loved. All Rachel wanted to do was lie in bed, either sleeping or staring at the ceiling. She cried constantly, but couldn’t seem to articulate to her family what was wrong. She just felt despair. She felt like her mind and body were breaking down. Rachel was open to seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist for her acute symptoms of clinical depression, but she didn’t want to leave the house. It just seemed overwhelming to visit a clinic and see a doctor, even if they could provide the resources to help elevate her mood. What should Rachel do?

Rachel should reach out to a licensed online therapist at Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN. The mental health providers at Thriveworks are fully qualified to deliver exceptional care to people who are experiencing mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. They can schedule the appointments virtually, often within 24-48 hours, and start delivering compassionate, premium care right away. Rachel won’t have to worry about leaving her house in order to get the help she needs. She can stay in her familiar home environment, but still see a top-rated professional.

How Effective Is Online Counseling?

Because telehealth services are increasing every day, numerous studies have been conducted to test their safety and efficacy. In the case of online counseling, studies show time and again that virtual therapy can be just as effective as in-person sessions. The online counselors, therapists, social workers, and psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN can deliver all the premium, evidence-based therapy treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) though secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software. 

What Are the Benefits of Online Counseling?

People are used to doing pretty much everything online these days: work, school, socializing with friends, etc. Why not mental health care? If the mental health providers are fully licensed and highly qualified (as Thriveworks counselors in Eden Prairie, MN are), then it’s hard to see a drawback. Clients at Thriveworks love the following benefits of online therapy:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Anonymity and privacy 
  • Reduced stigma
  • Accessibility during travel
  • Accessibility in rural areas
  • Accessibility for people with mobility limitations
  • Enhanced comfort levels

For people who worry about out-of-pocket expenses for mental health services, rest assured that the licensed providers at Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN accept health insurance. If you’re not sure if your health insurance policy will cover essential psychological care, call our trained support team at the Thriveworks office in Eden Prairie, MN and we will help you figure it out. 

What Can Online Counselors Treat? 

The online counselors and psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN can do everything from short-term, solution-focused marriage therapy; to eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR); to medication management. It just depends on your needs. Our providers have vast experience with treating the following issues and conditions:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Family conflicts
  • Eating disorders
  • Panic disorders
  • Acute stress
  • Career coaching needs
  • Midlife crises
  • Unfaithful couples
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Personality disorders
  • Bipolar disorder (manic depression)
  • Type II bipolar disorder
  • Substance abuse
  • Sex addiction

When someone is seeking a mental health provider for the first time, they may feel overwhelmed because they don’t know what kind of provider they need. Will their symptoms require the services of a licensed Thriveworks psychiatrist, who can prescribe medication? Will they need long-term psychotherapy to delve into childhood traumas? Will they need alcohol counseling to address maladaptive coping strategies? At Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN, our highly trained office staff can help match you to the right provider. And because all of our providers are colleagues in the Thriveworks network, they can easily refer you to a different kind of therapist or counselor as needed. 

Get Started with Your Ideal Online Counselor at Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN

Thanks to secure telehealth technology, the exceptional, fully licensed mental health providers at Thriveworks in Eden Prairie, MN can meet with clients online so their sessions are convenient and affordable in addition to being of premium quality. When you call the Thriveworks office in Eden Prairie, MN during our extended business hours, we can usually make you an appointment with an exceptional counselor who can meet with you within 24-48 hours of your call. Not only that, but thanks to the superior enrollment benefits at Thriveworks, you can access your counselor via phone or email between sessions. You can also use our Ask-a-Coach 24hr Q&A service to get answers to your mental health and life inquiries from professional counselors within a day. 

We look forward to starting you on your path to achieving your goals. Call the Thriveworks office today!

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