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People decide to pursue counseling for many various reasons: They want to get a professional’s take on their relationship; they need help coping with the loss of a dear loved one; they feel lonely and unfulfilled in their new city; they’ve experienced something traumatic. Whatever it is, the journey they are about to embark on involves working with a professional to make meaningful changes that result in a happier, healthier life.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” –Viktor Frankl

If you have identified a problem or changes that you need to make to live better, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Decatur, GA. This approach to counseling allows you to complete this important work with a skilled, caring mental health professional from the security of home. You can choose to work with your counselor over phone or video. Either way, our team is happy to step in and help. Just call (678) 805-1270 to schedule your first appointment.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

As we just touched on, online counseling is a way to work with your therapist without leaving home. This increases accessibility to counseling, especially for those who can’t or don’t want to leave their home for a counseling appointment. If you decide to pursue the benefits of online counseling at Thriveworks Decatur, GA, your counselor will create a unique treatment plan for you, just as they do in in-person counseling.

Online counseling at Thriveworks Decatur is conducted in two different ways: in telephone counseling and video counseling. If you choose to work with a counselor in telephone counseling, they will simply call your phone number at the time of your scheduled session. If you instead choose to work with your therapist in video counseling, they will provide you with a link to your video chat room, of which you should navigate to at the time of your appointment.

All you need to attend online counseling is internet connection or phone service and a safe, comfortable space to work with your counselor. Otherwise, online counseling is very similar to onsite counseling. In either case, your provider will offer their nonjudgmental, unbiased help and support.

Should I Try Online Counseling? What Are the Benefits?

If online counseling is news to you, you’re probably wondering why people choose online counseling over in-person counseling and what the benefits are. For starters, online counseling means you can attend your therapy sessions from the comfort and convenience of home. It also offers flexibility—so, if you need to jump into your session from work or in your car, you can. Let’s break down these and other benefits of online counseling:

  1. Comfort and convenience: As we just mentioned, online counseling means you can attend your sessions from the comfort and convenience of home or wherever else you feel safe. You can talk to your counselor on the phone from bed or jump into your video chat on the couch—it’s whatever works best for you.
  2. Accessibility: Additionally, online counseling grants clients greater accessibility to counselors with a wide range of specialties. When it comes to in-person counseling, some clients struggle to find a counselor who suits their needs. But in online counseling, you have access to many more counselors all across the state. This means a much greater likelihood of finding one that fits all of your needs and preferences.
  3. Flexibility: Also, online counseling offers flexibility in more than one way. First, it lets you attend your session from work, your car, or wherever else you might need to. Additionally, it offers greater flexibility in scheduling. You will likely be able to schedule your first online session the same or the following day.

If these benefits entice you and you want to experience them for yourself, just reach out to Thriveworks Decatur. We’re here and ready to get started.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Decatur, GA

Online counseling is an effective means of therapy. In fact, some people find that it’s more effective or more helpful than in-person counseling. Why is this? In most cases, these individuals don’t feel as comfortable opening up or talking with a counselor in-person. But talking with them over the phone, video chat, or another medium enables them to open up and make meaningful progress.

The online counselors at Thriveworks Decatur, GA are here and ready to help you overcome your challenges. To schedule your first session, call (678) 805-1270.

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