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Justin hasn’t spoken to his brother Joel in almost two years. They’ve been at odds over a disagreement that they failed to settle, and ever since, they’ve done their best to avoid seeing each other. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving dinner or a family BBQ, neither brother is willing to go if he knows the other will be there. And with so much distance between them, neither Joel nor Justin feels like picking up the phone without putting their pride and wellbeing on the line.

The other evening, Justin’s partner suggested that he and Joel try using an online counselor or therapist to try and heal their relationship. Even though Justin is hesitant, he feels like having a third party involved could be useful while they attempt to navigate their differences. Justin feels like online therapy could be convenient, and considering that they live in different cities, having a virtual option makes the most sense. 

If you’re reading this, then you might be considering whether or not online therapy could benefit you. If you want our answer, we believe that anyone, at any stage in their life can benefit from connecting with a mental health professional. And at Thriveworks in Concord, CA, we have a team of licensed therapists and counselors who have the knowledge, empathy, and tools to help you manage and mitigate your mental health concerns and conditions. 

How Can Online Therapy Help Me?

Deciding to reach out to one of our online therapists and counselors is an independent decision, but dealing with the effects of mental health conditions and disorders doesn’t need to happen alone. Some people, especially those with busy schedules might feel that stopping to prioritize their mental health could cost them time, or even be a selfish decision. But the reality is that taking care of our mental wellbeing typically allows us to be more present during the moments and memories that define our experience. 

But if you aren’t sure how a therapist or counselor can benefit you, it might not make sense to make a decision just yet. With that being said, some of the common issues and concerns that our providers can help you deal with include: 

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Relationship or family problems 
  • The loss of a loved one or friend 
  • Breakups, or the divorce process

These are just a few of the many disorders and conditions that therapy or counseling services can assist you in managing. If you aren’t seeing something that’s bothering you listed, that’s okay, too. Our providers are licensed to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, so if you don’t know exactly what’s affecting you, the proactive choice is simply to connect with a provider. 

But besides being an effective way to access mental health treatment, online therapy is also very convenient. Just consider being able to: 

  • Find time in your schedule to attend appointments 
  • Get relationship or family counseling, no matter where you all live 
  • Avoid any potential anxiety you have about talking with a therapist in person 
  • Access the mental health services you need, even if there aren’t any therapists or counselors in your immediate area

Online therapy and counseling in Concord, CA is a modern choice for everyday people. Take the next step towards better mental health, and contact our office to be matched with one of our providers. Online services through Thriveworks also offer a great way for families or partners to get therapy together, regardless of the distance between you. 

Schedule an Online Session With a Thriveworks Therapist or Counselor in Concord, CA

When our deep-seated thoughts and worries start to interfere with our daily lives, scheduling an appointment with a licensed therapist or counselor can make a real difference. But besides the mental benefits of connecting virtually with a provider at Thriveworks in Concord, CA, you’ll also be in touch with our team of scheduling specialists. They’ll assist you as you begin your client experience. They’re available by phone seven days a week, and able to help with setting up your insurance and appointment times. 

And what’s more, enrolling with us gives you access to a ton of benefits that other providers might not have, like: 

  • Email access to your provider between appointments
  • Our life coach q/a chat line 
  • Weekend and evening availability
  • A free digital copy of our book, “Leaving Depression Behind”, an invaluable guide to addressing your mental health needs 

Getting the mental health services you deserve shouldn’t be held up by a busy schedule. Nor should stigma or fear of judgment hold you back—everyone’s mental wellbeing fluctuates, and being proactive about keeping yourself balanced is a smart choice. When you decide to book an online therapy session with Thriveworks in Concord, CA, we’ll be there to assist you with each step of your journey towards better mental health.

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