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It’s easy to perceive relationships as “perfect” from the outside. Passing conversations on a neighborhood walk and photos on social media can give the impression that couples are deeply in love, never quarrel, and spend all of their time together. These images and perceptions can leave you thinking that something is wrong in your relationship, or maybe you’re just not right for your partner. Why would you disagree so often while others float through life on a cloud of flawless coexistence?

The truth is, nobody’s relationship is perfect. The people who choose to display their happiness for the world to see might have just as many problems as you do. Every partnership has highs and lows, and even the most perfectly matched couples disagree from time to time. These ups and downs are completely normal and don’t necessarily indicate an irreparable problem within your relationship.

While it’s normal to experience hiccups along the way in a relationship, you shouldn’t have to spend all of your time resolving conflict or avoiding difficult conversations. Poor communication, misplaced trust, and busy lifestyles can drive a wedge in your relationship without you realizing it. Sometimes you may need help overcoming those hurdles, and couples counseling can give you the boost you need.

If you and your partner are having trouble overcoming a specific issue between you, or you feel like you’re just not on the same page, a licensed couples therapist or counselor at Thriveworks Counseling in Brookfield, WI, can help. Book your first appointment by calling our office or using our convenient online scheduling tool today.

Why Do People Seek Out Relationship Counseling?

Relationships can require a significant amount of effort and nurturing to thrive. It’s not always easy to know where your relationship needs tweaking and even tougher to understand how to make repairs. That’s where relationship counseling can help.

Working with a couples therapist or counselor can help you identify weak spots or points of contempt in your relationship, understand them, and show you how to improve your connection. It can also help you enhance the best parts of your bond, reignite your spark, and strengthen your relationship for the long haul.

Some common reasons people pursue couples counseling include the following:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Blending families
  • Major life changes
  • Trust issues or jealousy
  • Infidelity or dishonesty
  • Differing parenting styles or child behavioral problems
  • Financial issues or disagreements
  • Conflict resolution
  • Lack of intimacy or sexual dissatisfaction
  • Mental health issues

Regardless of how minor or severe your problem appears to be at the moment, your relationship can thrive with compassionate care. A licensed family and marriage therapist at Thriveworks in Brookfield, WI, can help you work through the issues plaguing your relationship and teach you how to maintain a healthy, happy connection over time.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Counseling?

You and your partner don’t have to be at war to consider couples therapy or counseling. Relationship counseling can do more than resolve conflict, and it can be beneficial for couples in all walks of life. Whether you’re trying to navigate a new relationship, working through a difficult transition, or facing serious disruption in your journey together, marriage and family therapy can provide guidance.

Most couples find that counseling or therapy sessions improve their relationships in both the short and long term. During your sessions, you can expect to learn new skills that will help you understand your wants, needs, and desires, accept one another’s differences, and find ways to work together.

Some skills, takeaways, and benefits that you might expect from couples therapy or counseling include:

  • Enhanced communication and expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Active listening
  • Ability to identify current and potential issues
  • Effective problem solving
  • Improved mental health
  • Greater satisfaction in other relationships and life in general
  • Improved intimacy or sexual satisfaction

The benefits of couples counseling or therapy go far beyond resolving the current issues you’re facing. Working with a couples therapist or counselor at Thriveworks in Brookfield, WI, can help you form a stronger bond that persists through the issues you face together.

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Providers from Thriveworks in Brookfield, WI, are here to help you manage the issues you’re facing with your partner. You may be able to meet with a couples therapist within just 24 to 48 hours, and we accept many insurance plans.

Thriveworks knows that coordinating schedules for two busy people isn’t always easy. That’s why we offer appointments on the weekends and in the evenings and maintain a flexible cancellation policy. You can even take advantage of our online appointments and meet with a therapist via phone or video chat while you snuggle up at home together.

Your relationship means the world to you, and at Thriveworks Counseling in Brookfield, WI, that matters to us. We’d love to help you address the issues that are coming between you so you can continue building a strong and loving partnership that lasts. Call our office today or use our online appointment scheduling tool to set up your first session.

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