A Canadian couple almost broke the Internet this past week when they decided to share an unusually happy occasion. Shannon and Chris Neuman decided to take a selfie outside the courthouse after they signed the official paperwork for divorce. Both individuals are smiling and have a positive outlook on their disintegrated marriage. With over 37,000 shares and hundreds of likes and a trend following, what does this mean for divorce’s incredibly negative stereotype?

Can divorce be a happy occasion? Or is it best to stick with the more traditional “a divorce is a death to be grieved” philosophy? Whatever camp you find yourself on the topic, it’s let’s agree to consider the following when couples are considering separating for good.
It’s much easier to judge other people’s relationships from the outside. We can accuse couples for not trying hard enough or throwing in the towel too early. We don’t need to walk in their shoes. We think, “maybe they should have tried counseling, maybe they didn’t try hard enough.” Typically, there is much more to a couple’s story that many don’t know including what originally caused the couple to split. Sometimes the best we can do is try to be accepting and loving regardless of whether we agree with the decision..

Coping Mechanisms Vary

No matter how delighted people seem when their marriage has ended (and some might be truly ecstatic) everyone deals with new life changes differently. Some people lash out. Others close themselves off. Others go wild. Some travel the world and write a memoir called Eat Pray Love. Coping mechanisms vary. Getting a divorce is a major life change. Every person will handle this change in their own way and go through a various set of emotions. The divorce selfie couple showed that it might be possible to have a calm, clean break. Their example is enviable for those currently going through the divorce process.
Maybe you are reading this article and your marriage is slipping through the cracks. Maybe you are thinking that if other couples can be this happy with their divorce, maybe you can plaster on a smile too.  Maybe the divorce selfie trend has inspired you to take the plunge and officially end your marriage. Or maybe you’re even more resolved  to work harder toward restoring it.  No matter which direction you head, think positive. There is always multiple options in every scenario and there is always a silver lining.

How do you feel about the divorce selfie phenomenon? Comment and let us know below, we want to hear your thoughts!