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Is it normal teenage behavior or warning signs of a mental illness? Keep an eye out for these 5 red flags

Teenagers are at an increased risk for experiencing mental health issues, as their brains continue to develop and change throughout this delicate time in life. This means it’s incredibly important for their loved ones to keep a watchful eye on them and understand red flags that might signify a serious…

5 Signs You’re Coddling Your Kid

Ask any kid whether their parents are overprotective, and they’ll probably say yes. Whether or not their parents are actually overprotective, however, cannot likely be determined from their child’s testimony—as it’s innate for children and teens to think their parents are a little too controlling or strict. Take for example,…

A Father’s Rejection Can Increase Social Anxiety and Loneliness in Children

Everybody can benefit from some time spent alone—most even desire some peace and quiet to themselves. Too much alone time, however, can result in feelings of loneliness and negatively impact our mental health, as a healthy and happy life demands we maintain loving interpersonal relationships: with friends, old and new;…