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Addiction is a disease, as well as a societal and medical issue that needs addressing. Here’s how you can stimulate healthy conversations about it

Addiction is, in fact, a disease of the brain, but many continue to insist that it is not—and doing so only causes sufferers further harm. This stigma surrounding addiction discourages those who suffer with the disease from opening up about their struggles and getting the help that they need. To…

Common Counseling Challenges for African-Americans

Stigmas surrounding mental health exist in all groups and societies, but are particularly prevalent in the African-American community—making the concept of therapy or counseling a foreign one, at best. Some individuals simply don’t understand the practice, while others frown down upon it… leaving those in the community who struggle with…

Therapists and Counselors: Here’s How You Can Best Help Your Black Clientele

Therapy is an incredibly rewarding process—but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Especially for a certain group of individuals: Black men and women. Keisha Wells, licensed professional counselor, explains that in a traditional sense, counseling is a “foreign” concept and viewed as a “last resort” in the Black community; however,…