Solution-focused brief therapy: Benefits, techniques, and whether it’s right for you

Solution-focused brief therapy is a highly effective, concentrated therapeutic method that helps clients identify the path forward when faced with life transitions, interpersonal issues, or emotional distress.  Solution-focused approaches are ideal for those faced with anxiety, stress, minor depression, relationship issues, family conflict, or children with behavioral issues. The duration…

What are the big 5 personality traits? How do you rank?

The big 5 personality traits make up a five-factor model, used to evaluate an individual’s main qualities; these qualities include openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Those who score high on the openness scale enjoy new experiences and are curious in nature; their downfalls can include unpredictability and a lack…

We flourish when we prioritize each element in the PERMA model—here’s what that means and how you can master the process

The PERMA model is characteristic of the positive psychology movement; it offers a comprehensive understanding of how we can accomplish optimal wellbeing. P stands for positive emotions: it’s important we experience positive emotions like pleasure, love, inspiration, and gratitude. E stands for engagement: we experience engagement when we become completely…

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