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What are the big 5 personality traits? How do you rank?

The big 5 personality traits make up a five-factor model, used to evaluate an individual’s main qualities; these qualities include openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Those who score high on the openness scale enjoy new experiences and are curious in nature; their downfalls can include unpredictability and a lack…

We flourish when we prioritize each element in the PERMA model—here’s what that means and how you can master the process

The PERMA model is characteristic of the positive psychology movement; it offers a comprehensive understanding of how we can accomplish optimal wellbeing. P stands for positive emotions: it’s important we experience positive emotions like pleasure, love, inspiration, and gratitude. E stands for engagement: we experience engagement when we become completely…

Transference: A Psychological Phenomenon

“You were never there for me growing up,” Natalie manages to muffle through her tears. “A good father isn’t just present and financially supportive—he’s loving and emotionally supportive too.” She reaches for a tissue and wipes off the makeup running down her face, whilst maintaining her glare at the man…

The Surprising and Powerful Influences Behind First Impressions

We rely on first impressions for more than we realize. It’s not just job interviews and blind dates that we should worry about – first impressions rule every potential relationship ahead of us. That said, we are not slaves to first impressions. We just need to better understand the numerous ways in which the mind forms an impression so that we can react accordingly.