What is micro-cheating? How to recognize the signs, plus tips on how to save your relationship after infidelity

Small actions or behaviors that skirt the boundaries of our relationship and test the limits of our partner’s trust are known as micro-cheating.  When we know something will hurt our partner (i.e flirting with coworkers) and we do it anyway, that behavior is ultimately unhealthy for our relationship’s long-term health. …

What is financial infidelity? Strategies for talking about your spending habits with your spouse or partner 

Financial infidelity involves engaging in dishonest spending habits while in a relationship by lying about or otherwise concealing purchases and bills from your partner.  Spending habits can be tricky to discuss, and admitting that you aren’t always the best with your money isn’t easy to do, either. But the potential…

Does infidelity ruin a relationship for good? A couples therapist offers tips for addressing the problem, which have proven helpful to his clients

It is possible for a couple to stay together after an affair, but it is often challenging and will require some hard work. If you’re the victim, don’t take any immediate action; instead, allow yourself time to process what has happened and how it makes you feel. If you’re the…

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