What is micro-cheating? How to recognize the signs, plus tips on how to save your relationship after infidelity

As the name implies, micro-cheating occurs when partners use small gestures or actions to engage with someone outside of their relationship in a flirtatious manner. Micro-cheating can happen when we cross the line with coworkers or friends, spend too much time secretly scrolling through our ex’s social media, or even…

What is financial infidelity? Strategies for talking about your spending habits with your spouse or partner 

What if our partner’s financial status had been remarkably different, right from the beginning of our relationship. Would that have changed our decision about dating them? What if they’d been even poorer—or what if they’d been richer? As shallow as it sounds, money does make the world go round; and…

Does infidelity ruin a relationship for good? A couples therapist offers tips for addressing the problem, which have proven helpful to his clients

Infidelity. Adultery. Disloyalty. No matter how you put it, finding out your significant other has cheated on you is an inconceivable nightmare. This person whom you love and care for committed the ultimate betrayal—and now you’re left wondering how you could ever move forward. I mean, is it even possible…

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