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When we face setbacks or challenges in our lives, the fallout can be hard to handle. The consequences or symptoms we experience can affect our mood and impact our relationships. We might struggle to deal with everyday stressors and may even feel pressure to “snap out” of our emotional distress.

But we don’t always have full and complete control over our emotional and mental states. While it can feel like an accomplishment to work through a difficult time on your own, it’s not always as simple as that. The idea that you should be able to “get through it” with the right amount of smarts, willpower, and determination can be extremely detrimental to your mental health in the long run.

Everyone needs help sometimes. Maybe you call an accountant when it comes time to do your taxes, a plumber when your toilet springs a leak, or a doctor when you break your leg. Seeking help for mental health issues is no different — it allows you to give yourself the best care possible.

When you’re ready to make that decision, our licensed psychologists at Thriveworks in Bellingham, WA are here to offer you support, compassion, and a way forward.

Would Meeting With a Psychologist Be Right for Me?

Sometimes, people hold off on consulting a psychologist because they’re not sure if their issues are severe enough. They might assume that they need to be suffering from suicidal thoughts or a panic attack in order to be seen by a mental health professional. While licensed psychologists do help people with severe mental health problems, they can also help with a whole array of other issues.

Clinical psychologists typically have a master’s degree and are specially trained to help people with a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. You don’t need to be suffering from a specific mental disorder to benefit from a psychologist’s expertise. Psychologists can help whether you’re going through a life change, facing extreme stress, or looking to improve some aspect of your mental health.

Some concerns or problems that you can bring to the clinical psychologists in Bellingham, WA include:

  • A drop in performance at work or school
  • Difficulties with relationships (family, friends, romantic)
  • Feeling overwhelmed from a new job
  • Changing family dynamics
  • Difficulty focusing and recalling information
  • Trouble sleeping (oversleeping, restless sleeping)
  • Persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Inability to control worries or an impending sense of doom
  • Unexplainable mood shifts
  • Sudden change in eating habits and/or weight gain/loss
  • Substance abuse issues with drugs and alcohol
  • Avoidance of situations, places, or people
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety or depression

We understand it can be hard to overcome misconceptions and hesitations about going to therapy. That’s why our compassionate psychologists at Thriveworks in Bellingham, WA provide both in-person and remote therapy appointments seven days a week. We offer unparalleled flexibility so you can prioritize your mental health on your own terms.

What Happens During a Psychology Appointment?

Psychotherapy, commonly referred to as talk therapy, involves an open dialogue between client and licensed professional to address mental and emotional health concerns.

There are different kinds of psychotherapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy, that a psychologist may use as a framework for your treatment. Some mental health professionals draw from more than one type of therapy in their treatment plans. When determining your treatment, your psychologist will take into account your concerns and goals as well as your specific symptoms and preferences.

During psychology appointments, your licensed psychologist can teach you coping skills, relaxation techniques, and other ways to deal with the stressors that come your way. You may also learn how to identify your emotions, tolerate distress, and advocate for yourself in difficult situations.

The specifics of your treatment will largely depend on your needs and how you respond to therapy. There’s no right or wrong amount of time to be in therapy, and your licensed psychologist will make sure your treatment is progressing at a rate that is beneficial to you.

When you schedule an appointment at Thriveworks in Bellingham, WA, our top priority is to find you a compassionate and experienced provider who matches your needs. When you’re ready to take the first step, give us a call to book your first appointment.

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In addition to our flexible scheduling and affordable rates, we’re proud to offer additional features at Thriveworks, including:

  • Phone and email access to your provider between sessions
  • Text support for billing and scheduling questions
  • Online counselor-moderated forum
  • Online appointments via phone or video
  • Exclusive video content
  • Therapy Buddy mobile app

We also accept health insurance from most major insurance providers. Call or click today to schedule an in-person or online appointment at Thriveworks in Bellingham, WA.

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