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Grief and loss can be an overpowering experience. When someone experiences loss, grief may wash over them, knocking their whole life off balance. Consider the following:

  1. James lost his father last year, suddenly. One moment, James had his father. The next, he didn’t. James and his father were close. James even called his dad, his North Star. Now, James feels directionless. What he wouldn’t give to have one more beer with his dad, even though he knows it’s impossible. James has vivid dreams about his dad and talks about him all the time.
  2. Liz was recently laid off from a job she found fulfilling. She found a new job fairly quickly, but Liz is underemployed and finds it monotonous. She keeps up with many of her former coworkers, but it’s different now that they all work different jobs. Plus, Liz is tired all the time. She usually comes home after work and watches TV all night instead of going out with her friends.

Can you relate to James or Liz? More than likely, you can. James and Liz are experiencing grief after losing someone or something they love. Grief is a normal reaction to loss. Because loss is a common experience, so is grief. But while grief might be normal, it is never easy. Loss might be one of life’s most excruciating experiences, and many people reach out for help to cope with the pain.

The grief counselors at Thriveworks Arlington, VA have guided many clients as they mourn a loss. Thriveworks grief therapists love helping their clients learn how to overcome their grief and find equilibrium after life has knocked them off balance. If you are currently mourning a tough loss, consider working with one of our grief counselors. You can call today to schedule an appointment!

What Does Grief Look Like?

Grief often comes during or after a loss of any kind. Most people associate mourning, grieving, and bereavement with the death of a loved one. Death is a common trigger for grief and possibly the most severe.

Unfortunately, loss is a frequent human experience, and grief can accompany any loss. An exhaustive list of events and situations that could ignite grief would never end. While no one could list every way that grief is triggered, people have sought Thriveworks grief counseling after they experienced ….

  • Chronic health challenges
  • Death of a loved one
  • Death of a dear pet
  • Loss of a home
  • A difficult medical diagnosis
  • Job loss
  • Divorce
  • A natural disaster

Grief Often Involves Complex and Varied Emotions

Each person feels grief in a unique way. Grief can stir up feelings that are complex and varied: sadness, anger, apathy, relief, guilt, sorrow, regret, confusion, and more. These emotions can be clues about what was lost and what the loss signifies. Mental health challenges can also accompany grief. Here is a more comprehensive list:

  • Appetite loss
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Angry outbursts
  • Anxiety
  • Severe and sudden bouts of crying
  • Onset or recurrence of addiction
  • Panic attacks
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Depression
  • Physically painful sadness

Have you experienced anything on this list? If you are grieving, most likely you have. Mourning a loss is one of life’s most difficult processes, and challenges along the way are normal. That’s why many people begin grief therapy after a loss. By working with a grief counselor, many people are able to overcome these challenges in a healthy way.

What Is Grief Counseling?

Grief therapists seek to provide people who are grieving with the guidance they need to process the grief so they can move forward with a fulfilling life. Grief counselors are a compassionate guide through a painful season.

The counselors at Thriveworks Arlington, VA individualize treatment to each client, but in general, they help their clients achieve two goals:

  • Dealing with the loss: Grief needs to be processed, and stepping toward health often looks like taking a step back to reflect and deal with the loss. Thriveworks therapists understand how excruciating this can be and know how to guide and support their clients through the pain.
  • Looking to the future: Most people who are grieving would turn time back if they could and restore what was lost. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that. The good news is that, with support and guidance, many people can rebuild happiness and purpose into their life again. Therapy can help the bereaved develop a new future.

Schedule Grief Counseling at Thriveworks Arlington, VA

Grief and loss make everything about life more difficult. We understand. That’s why we have tried to make starting grief therapy as hassle-free as possible. Do you want help processing a loss? Thriveworks Arlington therapists want to help. Here is what you can expect when you call to schedule an appointment for grief therapy.

  1. A scheduling specialist will answer the phone.
  2. Your appointment may be scheduled within 24 hours of your call.
  3. You will never be put on a waitlist.
  4. Our office works with many insurance providers.

Grief can be overwhelming. Starting therapy may help. Schedule an appointment today.

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