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Stress is a normal, expected part of life. We all have varying levels of stress and responsibility. At times, it may seem like the amount we have to do can never get done in the time allotted. Or perhaps your goals keep getting derailed because of one setback or another. Maybe you are caring for children, teenagers, a spouse, and an aging parent. There just never seems to be enough time for yourself. There are many different ways that individuals attempt to “destress.” A long bath, watching your favorite television program, exercise; these are just some of the healthy ways that people can lessen their stress. Alternatively, sometimes those under stress develop very unhealthy ways of coping. These can include overeating, substance abuse, or just generally ruining relationships because of feeling overwhelmed and unable to deal with daily stressors. Those under stress often become short tempered, easily angered, and distant from loved ones.

At Thriveworks Birmingham, we have experienced counselors and therapists that are able to help you identify your sources of stress, and then develop a plan for lessening this stress. We will help you manage the stress which remains. We can never expect to have a life that is completely stress-free. But we can be emotionally healthy enough to deal with overly stressful time periods in life. Thriveworks Birmingham can help that goal become a reality.

We know that your time is extremely valuable. The last thing we want to do is add to your stress level. When you call us, help is immediately available. We have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours. We want the process of reaching out for help to be as easy as possible. We respect your time and your goals. Thriveworks Birmingham is ready to walk with you on this journey. Call us today.

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