Online Therapy for Kids—Child Therapy in Utah

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Online Therapy for Kids—Child Therapy in Utah

In a surprise release, Taylor Swift unleashed her new album “Folklore” and sent all of her fans into a feeding frenzy. She also garnered new support, as her album isn’t characteristic of the normal Taylor Swift feel and sound. Instead, it’s an album dedicated to nostalgic and whimsical feelings. And there is one song in particular that takes people back in time: “Seven.” In this song, Swift reminisces on her childhood, from playing make-believe with friends to running free and carelessly outside.

These lyrics and the sound of “Seven” are the perfect combination for nostalgic feelings. When you listen to this song, you can’t help but think back on your own childhood memories, from digging your feet into the dirt without a care in the world to eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, parked right in front of the TV. Now, we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we only had fond memories from childhood. The truth is that there are some not-so-fond memories too, like the trouble that you got into with your parents to the fights you had with siblings or encounters with bullies. Childhood comes with challenges; and often, kids don’t quite know how to deal with these challenges, as they don’t yet have the mental or emotional skills to do so.

Please picture me in the weeds before I learned civility.

I used to scream ferociously any time I wanted.”

–Taylor Swift

Swift’s song is a reminder that childhood is rife with both good times and bad. And sometimes, we need some help getting through the bad. Fortunately there is a form of therapy that’s designed specifically for kids, adolescents, and teens: child therapy. Child therapists and psychologists devote their work to helping these young individuals work through challenges and supporting them during demanding or stressful times. They specialize in assisting and guiding these age groups, and they can likely help your child, too. If you are in the state of Utah and you’re looking for child therapy, consider scheduling a session at Thriveworks Utah Counseling. We can help your child in online counseling as soon as today.

Does My Child Need Therapy?

Child therapy, or counseling for kids, is designed for children, its main mission being to help kids improve and maintain their mental and emotional health. Kids and teens haven’t yet developed the skills or the capacity to work through many challenges that get thrown that way, such as trauma, separating parents, big moves, and more. The good news is that counselors with the right skills, training, and experience can help children during these challenging times. You might want to consider setting your child up with a child therapist if they are…

  • Struggling to fall or stay asleep
  • Showing significant changes in weight or appetite
  • Displaying signs of aggression
  • Experiencing symptoms of a mental illness
  • Hurting themselves
  • Distancing themselves from their friends or peers
  • Expressing the desires to skip school on a regular basis

These are all signs that your child might be struggling and could benefit from talking to someone. Now, these are not the only instances in which your child might need to work with a therapist. A child counselor can also help your kid to move through different emotions throughout childhood; this professional can also just serve to listen and talk to your child when they need this extra support.

What Exactly Does Child Therapy Look Like?

Child therapy helps kids and teens grow well throughout life. The tools that they learn will not only help them with current challenges but future challenges that arise too. The specifics do change on a case by case basis, however. This is due to the fact that every single child has unique needs that need to be considered. In fact, all of the following inform your child’s treatment plan:

  • Needs
  • Problems
  • Mental and emotional capacity
  • Level of functioning
  • Willingness to open up
  • Personality traits
  • Personal goals

Your child will likely assess all of the above before they design a plan for treatment. If you do choose to set your child or teen up with one of our Thriveworks Utah providers, know that your child will get compassionate, personalized care.

Schedule Child Therapy at Thriveworks Utah Counseling

Child therapy is an effective approach to counseling, designed to help kids and teens with their unique challenges. If you’re interested in seeing how therapy might benefit your child, please reach out to Thriveworks Utah Counseling. We have availability, and we can help your child from the comfort and convenience of home. To schedule, just call our office.

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