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Starting Treatment With a Psychologist

What are psychologists?

Psychologists are mental health professionals that provide psychotherapy services and diagnoses for their clients. They have more research-focused training than most therapists, as they are more medically educated and receive a more general education about therapeutic approaches and theory.

How do psychologists work?

Thriveworks psychologists in Sunnyvale, CA provide standard psychotherapy services, tailoring treatment to each client and their unique concerns. However, they can also provide diagnoses to clients when appropriate, something that therapists and counselors cannot do. Finally, in some states in the U.S., they are allowed to prescribe medication.

Can I see a psychologist in person or online?

How long would I see a psychologist?

Psychological treatment at Thriveworks Sunnyvale is very individualized and specific to each client, which means that the duration of treatment is often varied depending on a client’s condition or disorder, the state of their symptoms, and their specific goals.

Need more help deciding?

The famous 19th-century psychologist William James once stated, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” It’s exciting to think of our psychology as pliant and adaptable. That means that with the right professional guidance, we can modify the way we think in order to live more fulfilling lives. 

This principle is actually one of the cornerstones of cognitive therapy, which was developed many decades after William James’ time. Today’s psychologists can treat anxiety, depression, substance abuse, marital problems, and many other issues with evidence-based cognitive strategies. And cognitive therapy is only one therapeutic tool in a licensed counselor’s toolkit. Psychological knowledge has come a long way since James, but what hasn’t changed is our hope and optimism for improving our lives through mental modifications.

Psychologists and other mental health providers at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA can be an essential resource for learning how to exist more happily in the world. Our licensed counselors, psychologists, social workers, and psychologists can diagnose and provide compassionate support for mental health and behavioral issues of all kinds. They are here to help you overcome your obstacles and live your best life. 

Who Are the Different Kinds of Mental Health Providers?

When you make your first therapy appointment at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA, it can be helpful to know a little more about the different types of mental health providers and what they treat. You may see some of the following providers on the Thriveworks roster:

  • Psychologists (PsyDs or PhDs), who have graduate degrees in psychology and can provide psychotherapy (talk therapy) of all kinds. 
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), who have master’s degrees in social work and can provide psychotherapy as well as assistance with practical life needs such as healthcare and family services. 
  • Licensed professional counselors (LPCs), who are licensed to provide psychotherapy. 
  • Psychotherapists, who provide talk therapy. They can be psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists, or social workers. 
  • Marriage and family therapists (MFTs), who treat couples and families.
  • Substance abuse counselors (SACs), who treat addiction and substance abuse issues.
  • Psychiatrists (MDs), who have medical degrees and can prescribe medication in addition to providing psychotherapy.
  • Telepsychiatrists, who are psychiatrists who conduct therapy online or over the phone through a secure connection.

What Kinds of Treatment Can Psychologists Offer at Thriveworks?

At Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA, psychologists are licensed to provide a wide variety of different treatments not only for mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, but also for maladaptive thinking patterns and coping mechanisms that are causing problems in your life. Anyone can benefit from psychological treatment, even if you think your issues are just run-of-the-mill, ordinary static like stress at work or frustrations with your spouse. Everyone deserves help. Psychologists at Thriveworks may use some of the following tools to provide you with therapeutic support: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive restructuring  
  • Affect regulation
  • Behavioral activation
  • Mindfulness training
  • Exposure therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Self-compassion
  • Writing therapy
  • Self-monitoring
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Socratic dialogue

How Do I Choose the Right Psychologist for Me?

When you start looking for the right psychologist to meet your needs, it can help to address the following series of questions:

  1. Is the mental health provider licensed?
    • All providers at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA are fully licensed and highly qualified to deliver exceptional psychological treatment.
  2. Does the provider offer online sessions?
    • The providers at Thriveworks use the latest telehealth technology to conduct secure, HIPAA-compliant therapy sessions online.
  3. Is the provider affordable?
    • The providers at Thriveworks accept most health insurance.
  4. Will I need prescription medication from a psychiatrist?
    • If you think you may need prescription medication like antidepressants or mood stabilizers, reach out to a licensed psychiatrist on the Thriveworks team. If you’re not sure if you’ll require psychiatric drug treatment, a psychologist can give you a full assessment and refer you to a psychiatrist if necessary.
  5. Is the provider experienced in my issue?
    • The providers at Thriveworks are experienced in a range of specialized issues, including depression, eating disorders, anxiety, relationship issues, and more.

Find the Psychologist Who Can Help You Overcome Your Hurdles

The psychologists and other mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA are ready to offer you their caring, compassionate, and expert support. You can call the office today and be sitting in your first appointment within 24-48 hours. We also offer additional benefits like a super-flexible cancellation policy as well as email and phone access to your provider between sessions.

Psychologists at Thriveworks can meet with you wherever you’re most comfortable, whether that be in their brick-and-mortar office, or via video therapy from your home when you opt for online counseling. Our licensed counselors don’t sacrifice quality when they hold their sessions online. 

Reach out to our office today to find out how easy it is to find a counselor who can help you overcome your psychological hurdles. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Pricing & insurance

Our therapists accept most major insurances. We accept 585+ insurance plans, and offer self-pay options, too.
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Our Sunnyvale therapists and counselors accept 20 insurance plans

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  • Compsych

  • First Health Network

  • Humana Exchange

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  • Imperial Health Plan Medicare Advantage

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