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There’s a reason that wedding vows don’t just mention the best. They also mention the worst. In a wedding ceremony you usually pledge to love someone in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer. Because everyone knows that marriage and intimate relationships always contain downs with the ups. And often it’s how you deal with the non-peak moments in your love life that can define how well you will endure together in the long-term.

Couples therapists and marriage counselors at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA are fully licensed and expertly equipped to help couples navigate all moments of their relationships, whether two people are in the throes of conflict, or they just need a supportive, guiding hand to help them communicate a little better. Sometimes people can be so emotionally involved in their relationship that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes they can be blind to the obvious because they’re so deeply attached. And other times they need help identifying their maladaptive thought and behavior patterns modeled after their own parents’ relationship. 

Whatever the current status of your intimate partnership, marriage therapists at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA can help you shine a light on what’s wrong–and what’s right–in your relationship.

How Can My Partner and I Benefit from Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling?

There’s an infinite number of reasons why a couple might seek therapy, and those reasons don’t have to be based on acute, dramatic conflict. When you have your initial appointment with a licensed marriage counselor at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA, they’ll probably want to know what your goals are for the sessions. Here are some potential couples therapy objectives that you might relate to:

  • I want to model healthy relationships for my kids.
  • I want to get our spark back. 
  • I want to stop fighting all the time.
  • I want to feel safer and more secure in my relationship.
  • I want to be able to trust him/her again.
  • I want to feel less angry at him/her. 
  • I want to have more/better sex.
  • I want to feel appreciated.
  • I don’t want to get divorced.
  • I want to be a better partner.
  • I want to be able to open up emotionally without him/her getting defensive.
  • We want help healing after a traumatic event.

When you come to a couples therapist, it’s important to remember that their role isn’t to assign blame or identify who did what to whom. A marriage counselor’s role might be to act as a moderator, a challenger, a neutral observer, an educator, a support system, and a healer. They’re trained to see the perspective of both parties and help find real, practical solutions to problems or misunderstandings. They can also help identify when one spouse might need extra support, for instance from a substance abuse counselor or a depression counselor, mental health services which Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA can also provide.  

Can We Meet with Our Couples Therapist Online?

The licensed counselors at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA can meet with couples online as well as in-person. Sometimes it can be more convenient to schedule sessions virtually so all parties don’t physically have to be in the same place at once. If one partner is reluctant to meet, online counseling might seem like a less intimidating option because you can meet with your therapist in the comfort of your own home. You can also schedule the session for evenings or weekends so you can avoid taking time off work. Online appointments are secure and HIPAA-compliant, using the latest version of Thriveworks telehealth technology. Your health insurance policy may even cover the sessions. 

Perhaps best of all, many of the modern, problem-solving techniques that marriage therapists can use to address relationship difficulties can easily be adapted for online counseling. For example, the guided practice of “reflective listening,” where you and your spouse learn to use “I” instead of “you” statements, works just as well online. 

Treat Your Marriage to a Couples Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA

Think of marriage counseling as a mutual gift you can give you and your partner. Together, in couples therapy at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA, you can learn problem-solving techniques that may serve you for the duration of your love bond. With the compassionate support of our licensed therapists, you may find that you become better partners, and better people.

When you call to schedule an appointment at Thriveworks in Sunnyvale, CA, you’ll usually meet with your therapist within 24-48 hours of booking. Our appointments begin early or on-time 97% of the time. And you’ll benefit from our ultra-flexible cancellation policy. You can also access your therapist by phone or email between sessions.

Call today to learn more about Thriveworks’ many benefits. Our marriage therapists are standing by and ready to help you and your partner develop the skills you need to fulfill your vows.

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