Get Online Counseling and Virtual Therapy in Springfield, MO

Get Online Counseling and Virtual Therapy in Springfield, MO

Most people will agree that taking care of their mental health is important. Even so, it’s not always easy to take that next step to seek out professional help from a licensed counselor.

You may be holding onto feelings of shame or embarrassment that prevent you from reaching out for a therapist’s guidance. Or maybe there are more practical considerations such as a busy schedule or lack of reliable transportation that seem to get in the way.

Mental health services should be easily accessible and at Thriveworks Counseling we’ve worked to remove as many obstacles as possible. Our online therapy offers a convenient and confidential solution for people struggling with issues related to their mental health.

Video chats and phone calls are just as effective as in-person counseling for many clients, making it easy to receive the help you need from the comfort of your own home. Plus, virtual counseling makes therapy accessible for clients who live remotely, have busy schedules, or don’t have access to transportation.

While we treat severe mental illnesses, you don’t need to be faced with a specific crisis to benefit from the services of a trained and experienced mental health counselor. If you’re not feeling your best, our professional therapists can help. We work with clients to determine the root of their problems and come up with a strategy to help them get back on track.

If you’ve been thinking about speaking to a licensed mental health professional, consider scheduling an appointment with Thriveworks Counseling in Springfield, MO.

What Types of Therapy are Offered Online?

At Thriveworks, we offer compassionate counseling services for a wide range of issues. Here are some of the most common types of online therapy we offer:

  • Depression or anxiety therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Stress or anger management
  • Life coaching or career counseling
  • Grief or loss counseling
  • Trauma/PTSD therapy
  • Family and child therapy
  • Couples therapy and marital counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Online therapy is similar to traditional therapy but with the added benefit of being able to take those sessions remotely. While many clients find this to be an attractive advantage, it is particularly convenient for those seeking marriage and family therapists. Coordinating remote appointments with a partner, spouse, or family member is typically much easier than scheduling in-person therapy sessions.

If you’ve been feeling anxious, low levels of self-esteem, or another mental health issue, consider working with a mental health counselor. Our licensed professionals at Thriveworks can provide you with the tools you need to get through life’s challenges.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

When you sign up for virtual therapy with Thriveworks Counseling, you receive the option of taking your appointment by video chat or phone call. Since therapy tends to be more effective when it is done consistently, online therapy makes it easier to keep to a consistent schedule with your therapist.

Whether done offline or online, talk therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you analyze and change your thought patterns. By speaking with a therapist, you can get an objective perspective on your feelings, relationships and struggles. CBT can also teach you how to tolerate distress, cope with uncomfortable emotions and solve everyday problems.

For many individuals, video chatting is preferable to phone call therapy because having eye contact with a therapist can help build trust and a more personal connection. On the other hand, some clients are limited by their device or the quality of their internet connection, making counseling via phone calls the perfect alternative. Either way, it’s easy to fit online therapy into your schedule, no matter where you are.

If problems related to mental health are preventing you from living the life you want, we’re here to help. With online counseling from Thriveworks Counseling in Springfield, MO, compassionate and convenient therapy is well within reach.

Schedule an Online Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Springfield, MO

Your mental health is important to us, which is why new Thriveworks clients can expect to make an appointment within 24 hours. If you’re struggling with mental or emotional issues, scheduling a virtual therapy session with a qualified online counselor can help you bring stability and fulfillment back into your life.

Enrollment with Thriveworks Counseling also comes with many benefits. Email and phone support is available when you need to reach out to a counselor for help between sessions. You can also join moderated discussion boards, access exclusive video content, or submit questions to a life coach for an answer within 24 hours.

We accept most major health insurance plans and offer scheduling and billing support via our simple text message support app. If you’re interested in online therapy, schedule an appointment today with our online therapists in Springfield, MO.

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