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Focusing on your physical health involves eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep. But what about your mental health? Positive mental health practices can help you take control of your problems and find a sense of peace and balance in your life. Thankfully, therapists from Thriveworks Counseling are here to help you take the first steps on your mental health journey.

While counselors often meet with their clients in a face-to-face setting, many also work with their clients online. Here at Thriveworks Counseling in Santa Cruz, CA, we offer easy, convenient options for working with a therapist over the phone or through a video call. These remote therapy options provide many of the same mental health benefits as traditional therapy, but with the added convenience of being accessible from the comfort of your home.

The stresses of modern life can take a toll on your mental health but therapy can help you take back control. Thriveworks Counseling may be your first step towards navigating change, managing stress and anxiety, and living a more well-balanced and fruitful life. Schedule an online therapy appointment at Thriveworks in Santa Cruz, CA through our online scheduling tool or by calling our office today.

Types of Online Counseling and Therapy Services

Traditional therapy usually involves meeting a licensed therapist in a face-to-face setting and working through your emotions and concerns under their guidance. Online therapy provides those same benefits in a remote format. Whether you prefer in-person, video, or phone therapy sessions, a licensed mental health professional can help you by developing a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs.

If a new job creates too much stress and anxiety, a counselor can help you find coping strategies to excel. If you’ve lost a loved one, a therapist can help you work through the grief. No matter the problem you’re facing in your life, big or small, a licensed mental health professional can help you find the comfort and ease necessary to move forward.

We offer many types of online therapy at Thriveworks, including:

  • Depression and anxiety therapy
  • Teen and child counseling
  • Anger management counseling
  • Life coaching and career counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Marriage counseling and couples therapy
  • PTSD counseling and trauma therapy
  • Addiction counseling
  • Eating disorder counseling

If you think you’d benefit from speaking to a licensed professional, contact us today at Thriveworks in Santa Cruz, CA. Our online therapists are dedicated to working with clients to find treatment plans tailored to their symptoms and concerns.

The Advantages of Online Therapy

Online therapy can be much more convenient than in-person therapy. Finding time for counseling is easier when you aren’t driving to a therapist’s office. Choosing your own environment for therapy also helps you be more comfortable, allowing you to open up to a therapist more easily.

You have a couple of options when deciding how to start with online therapy: video therapy or telephone therapy. Both are great choices depending on your needs and comfort level.

Are you uncertain about therapy or uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a counselor? You might want to consider working with your counselor through phone calls. This option helps some clients be more open with their therapists about their mental health issues.

Have you gone to therapy in the past or need face-to-face communication to help you make a connection? In that case, working with your therapist over video chat might be the best option for you.

No matter which option you choose, Thriveworks Counseling in Santa Cruz, CA has convenient online therapy services that can fit into your schedule. Our team is ready to help get you set up with a therapist today.

Speak With an Online Therapist at Thriveworks in Santa Cruz, CA

If you’ve been thinking about therapy but haven’t taken the next step, consider working with a Thriveworks counselor online. Removing barriers around scheduling and travel makes it so much easier to find time for your mental health. Thriveworks Counseling in Santa Cruz, CA offers many benefits over other counseling practices including weekend and evening appointments, flexible cancellations, and access to our licensed counselors between sessions via email or phone.

Working with Thriveworks provides more than just world-class mental health services. You’ll also receive 24-hour mental health Q&A support, exclusive video content, access to the Thriveworks mental health community forum, and much more.

Visit our easy online booking system or give our office a call to get started today. We accept insurance from most major plans, and clients can often see a provider within 48 hours — sometimes even as early as the same day.

You aren’t alone in your mental health journey. Contact us to take the next step and schedule a session with a therapist today.

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