Schedule Family Therapy and Counseling in Santa Cruz, CA

Schedule Family Therapy and Counseling in Santa Cruz, CA

For those experiencing family issues at home, considering the help of a family therapist may feel like an intimidating or embarrassing path to traverse. It can feel hard to admit there is a problem and even harder to work through it together.

But our mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Santa Cruz, CA are accustomed to walking families through delicate situations so they can build stronger, healthier, and more resilient relationships. If you’ve been struggling with communication issues, behavioral problems, or something else entirely, our marriage and family therapists can help you lay the groundwork for a more successful and meaningful home life.

When Is the Right Time To Seek Family Therapy?

Family problems can present themselves in many ways. When the cohesion of the home hangs in the balance, it is worth assessing where your family relationships appear to be coming undone.

Here are some of the most common reasons people seek out family therapy:

  • Marriage or relationship issues: When two partners in life clash, the sky can feel like it’s falling, especially if your home includes children or other vulnerable parties. A marriage and family therapist will work hand-in-hand with you and your partner to mend wounds and mitigate any potential damage down the line.
  • Financial or employment struggles: In times of turmoil, the loss of a job or the impact of some other financial catastrophe can be enough to turn even the most tranquil familial scene right on its head.
  • Adjusting to change: After a big move, a new child, a death in the family, or any other major transition, it is common for family members to act out in ineffective or hurtful ways.
  • Growing pains: Whether you have a teenager struggling to find themselves or perhaps a parent undergoing a mid-life crisis, family counseling allows you to navigate uncharted waters without running your ship aground in the process.
  • Daily dysfunction: Even if none of the above applies to your home specifically, tension around the dinner table and unexplainable outbursts of emotion may be indicators of trouble beneath the surface. If your family relationships appear to be growing more withdrawn or strained, marriage and family therapy may be the most effective way to grab ahold of your loved ones before they drift away from you entirely.

The Advantages of Family Therapy Services

To one who has never worked directly with a family therapist, the possible benefits of family counseling may seem intangible. However, many clients cite specific benefits from their family therapy sessions, including improved communication with loved ones, a more peaceful home environment, and stronger familial bonds that last a lifetime.

Take the Jones family, for instance. Maybe they enter therapy because they are having trouble connecting at home. The parents are always arguing, their younger child is acting out, and the older one locks herself in her room and won’t talk to anyone. As they open up about their issues under the guidance of a licensed professional, it becomes clear that the children feel hurt because they’ve internalized their parents’ arguing as their fault.

The parents, meanwhile, can’t stop arguing because they have unresolved grief around the death of their own parents and regret around their perceived parenting mistakes. They haven’t had a chance to fully express or even fully feel those emotions. By walking the family members through constructive conversations, a family therapist can help facilitate a higher level of self-awareness and understanding so the family can express their feelings and reconnect on a deeper level.

Family counseling sessions can help foster growth on an individual level as well. Through talk therapy sessions, clients can grow stronger levels of self-esteem, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and develop resiliency when dealing with distressing emotions. They learn valuable coping mechanisms for dealing with uncomfortable situations and proven skills for communicating effectively with others.

If you’re ready to get back to living with your family as a loving team rather than as adversaries, it may be time to consider family therapy at Thriveworks in Santa Cruz, CA.

Scheduling Family Therapy Sessions in Santa Cruz, CA

At Thriveworks, no family issue is too small — if it’s interfering with your life in some way, consider scheduling an appointment with our team.

Our family therapy services are flexible with weekday, weekend, and evening appointments. We also offer online counseling services in case that is more comfortable or convenient for your family. If you want to get started right away, our clients are often able to see one of our mental health providers in as little as 24-48 hours after reaching out.

For access to professional counseling resources and on-the-go support, we invite you to enroll with us at Thriveworks in Santa Cruz, CA. When you’re ready to make the mental well-being of your family a priority, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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