Start a Relationship with an Oakland Psychologist—Mental Health Services in Oakland, MI

Start a Relationship with an Oakland Psychologist—Mental Health Services in Oakland, MI

We all struggle from time to time with a mental health challenge. Some of these challenges are more pressing, like symptoms of a mental illness. Others appear to be mild, such as an argument with one’s spouse. But it’s equally important that both serious and more minor problems are confronted properly. Doing so isn’t always a piece of cake—this is where a mental health professional comes in. Mental health professionals dedicate themselves to helping people address and manage these problems, whether it’s a mental illness like depression or anxiety, conflict in one’s most important relationships, or another problem entirely!

People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help. –Glennon Melton

If there is a mental health challenge or another life issue that’s looming over your head and affecting your day to day functioning (or threatening to), consider reaching out to Thriveworks Oakland Counseling. Thriveworks Oakland has psychologists on our team who have pledged to help their clients find greater happiness and success in life. How? By helping them address these mental health challenges and also work toward their goals.

Thriveworks Oakland Counseling stands apart from other counseling practices by offering clients premium benefits. Premium benefits include online counseling options (phone counseling or video counseling), convenient appointment times in the daytime and evening, and same or next day appointments for new clients. To begin experiencing these benefits, call our office today to get set up for your first session. Our psychologists are excited to meet and work with you!

How Can Thriveworks Oakland Psychologists Help Me?

This is a loaded question, as we don’t know your specific needs or goals. However, if you do choose to work with one of our psychologists, the first thing they will do is get to know your needs and goals. This will allow them to create the most effective treatment plan for you! Now, these professionals have a wide array of skills and levels of training, of which enable them to meet their clients’ unique needs. It’s their job to provide this mental health and support. Here is a list of common issues that are brought up in counseling and therapy:

  • Anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Depressive thoughts and feelings
  • Painful emotions, like grief and disappointment
  • Relationship or marital issues, like infidelity
  • Parenting disagreements or family problems
  • Stress, in one’s personal or professional life

The psychologists at Thriveworks Oakland Counseling are eager to help more people address their mental health challenges. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that exists when it comes to seeking mental health help, which prevents people from seeking help when they need it. In reality, receiving help with your mental health problems is a huge sign of strength! We want you to know that there won’t be any judgment here. Instead, you can look forward to a safe and supportive space to talk through what’s bothering you.

Set Up an Appointment with an Oakland Psychologist

Thriveworks Oakland Counseling is happy to help the people of Royal Oak, MI and the surrounding area. We have many capable mental health professionals, from psychologists to counselors, therapists, and life coaches, all of whom are excited to partner with you! They’re main mission is to help you find greater happiness and success in your life. They will do so by helping you work through your mental health challenges and work toward your goals! Rest assured, they have the skills, as well as the training and the experience to assist you.

On top of the quality services provided by our mental health professionals, the Thriveworks Oakland team does our best to amplify one’s experience in counseling by offering additional premium benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Online counseling options: We have seen a need for more flexible counseling options, such as online counseling opportunities. Our providers can help you over the phone and on video chat!
  2. Flexible appointment times: We also identified a need for weekend and evening appointments, as most working people can’t make the normal daytime sessions. So, we offer all of the above!
  3. Same or next-day sessions: In addition, we do our best to get new clients in for a same or next-day session.

So, are you interested in working with an Oakland Psychologist and experiencing the above benefits? We hope so! We look forward to working with you soon.

Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

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Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

Carolyn Nicholson Works Wonders as a Counselor

Carolyn Nicholson was our school counselor and I worked with her for several years. She has an innate ability to quickly form relationships with people of all ages, including our students and staff members. Carolyn is insightful, enthusiastic, and compassionate in her work. Her intuition and discussion techniques enable people to explore their past experiences and perspectives. Also, those abilities guide others as they navigate journeys through their life experiences and self reflection. Carolyn Nicholson is a compassionate, inspiring, and trustworthy counselor!
Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

Loving kindness

Carolyn offers a thoughtful and compassionate perspective to life and Our reactions to situations where our emotions can take over. It’s important to look at our lives through various lenses, depending on the circumstances. Carolyn offers a fresh insight to how to respond with loving kindness, both towards ourselves and towards others, and to move forward.
Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

Kelly kellerman is a great counselor, I appreciate her very much

Kelly kellerman is a great counselor, I appreciate her very much
Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

Best EVER Therapist

Ann Dadah has been my sounding board for a long time! Ann is completely professional, keeps my confidence, sincerely listens to me, respects my thoughts and gives me insights that have been very helpful. I recommend her highly!
Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

Mike Samar

Mike is one of those people who is professional but down-to-earth at the same time, so that he's easy to talk to. You can tell, too, that he's not going to judge you...He's a really compassionate guy. All good qualities in a therapist. I recommend him!
Thriveworks Counseling Oakland

Social worker

After seeing Angel I realized that some people still care. Angel was so understanding and empathetic. She is easy to talk to and provides clear coping techniques. Angel is the person to whom I refer my patients.
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