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The psychiatrist and author Dr. Paul Keedwell once wrote that “the rebirth after depression brings a new love affair with life.” This can be true in many cases, but first you have to get through the depression. And how do you do that when you’re despondent, overwhelmed, lethargic, and self-defeating? The love affair you’re supposed to be having with life seems incredibly out of reach. 

But that’s where professional psychological help comes in. The depression counselors at Thriveworks in Norman, OK look at all the factors that can cause depression: neurochemical, environmental, genetic, psychosocial, etc. Then they come up with a workable treatment plan that can address all a person’s symptoms and concerns. For those who need depression counseling in Norman, OK, the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of depression is just a phone call away at Thriveworks Norman. 

What Are Mood Disorders?

A mood disorder is a mental health condition characterized by prolonged or sudden changes in your mood that affect day-to-day functioning. Often, the outward circumstances of your life don’t necessarily “justify” those feelings. For example, someone may feel intense sadness when their external circumstances don’t seem particularly difficult. Or someone might have an incredibly elevated mood when the people around them don’t understand the reasons. 

But the beauty of seeing a professional depression counselor at Thriveworks is that they do understand. They have the psychoeducation, the compassion, and the expertise to treat all kinds of mood disorders, such as the following:

How Does Depression Counseling Work?

Counseling for depression at Thriveworks in Norman, OK is the first defense against a mood disorder like clinical depression, postpartum depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Through premium depression counseling at Thriveworks, sufferers can learn how to:

  • Identify issues and triggers that might contribute to their depressive state.
  • Create realistic goals for recovery and remission.
  • Recognize distorted cognition patterns that can be modified in a healthy way.
  • Return to a world where joy and pleasure aren’t just a distant memory.

Depression counseling at Thriveworks in Norman, OK accomplishes these objectives through prescribing medications like antidepressants and through various evidence-based psychotherapy (talk therapy) approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Clinical Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

People who have been depressed in the past can probably recognize the symptoms of an episode, but here’s a comprehensive list of symptoms for those who aren’t familiar with the common indications:

  • Lasting depressed mood (feeling sad and/or negative for longer than two weeks)
  • Anhedonia (not experiencing interest or pleasure in things you used to enjoy)
  • Overwhelming feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Physical fatigue and exhaustion
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Changes in appetite, which might lead to unintentional weight gain or loss
  • Irritability (which can often manifest in depressed men more than women)
  • Substance abuse as a way to self-medicate
  • Self-isolation or withdrawal
  • Diminished energy levels in thought and action (psychomotor retardation)
  • Accelerated energy levels in thought and action (psychomotor agitation) 
  • Sleeping too much or too little (insomnia)
  • Physical pain
  • Heart disease
  • Compromised immune system

Depression counselors at Thriveworks in Norman, OK can listen attentively to your symptoms and determine whether or not you’re clinically depressed and what the most effective course of treatment should be. 

What Is the Relationship Between Addiction and Depression?

Many people who suffer from untreated depression and anxiety may experience substance abuse or addiction issues as well. This is because both these mental health conditions can cause acute distress, and addiction can serve as a maladaptive pathway to escape emotionally. The longer that depression goes untreated, the more likely it is that a person will find ways to disguise or bury their uncomfortable feelings with other behaviors. 

The depression counselors at Thriveworks in Norman, OK work closely with their Thriveworks colleagues who specialize in substance abuse issues. Both conditions can be treated simultaneously. Depression and addiction can also affect one’s intimate partners and family members. In that case it can be helpful to schedule a couples counseling session with a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) at Thriveworks in Norman, OK. 

Is There Depression Therapy Near Me? Depression Counseling in Thriveworks in Norman, OK

Depression can be a terrible burden, but the good news is that it’s highly treatable. The top-rated, exceptional, fully licensed depression counselors at Thriveworks in Norman, OK have the vast knowledge and experience required to treat depression effectively. They also accept most health insurance plans, making their premium care highly affordable. 

Book online or call the Thriveworks office today and you can meet with your depression counselor as early as tomorrow or the next day. We look forward to helping you get the mental health care you deserve!

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