Child Therapy and Counseling in Manchaca, TX—Child Therapists, Psychologists

Child Therapy and Counseling in Manchaca, TX—Child Therapists, Psychologists

Charlie Harding, just 14 years old, had no idea what he would wake up to that morning. Life was normal: He attended the local high school by day and played video games with his dad by night. But as it does, life drastically changed in the blink of an eye. Charlie woke up without a dad. He was the victim of a hit and run incident, just a few blocks from their own home. Life, as Charlie knew it, changed before his very eyes. Gone were the days of a carefree attitude. He now spent every moment in misery, whether it was sitting in school trying to pay attention, or at home missing his gaming partner. Mom wasn’t the same, and his little brother Henry just couldn’t comprehend the loss. The family spent every evening eating unappetizing food cooked by the neighbors in complete and total silence.

Now as I’m sure you can guess, young Charlie struggled silently. He looked for ways to cope with this loss and found himself falling into deep trouble with drugs. Charlie started selling all sorts of different pills to his classmates, right on school grounds. And he was even caught with a loaded gun in his backpack. This eye-opening experience prompted his mom, Jen, to get Charlie the help he needed.

In this case, Charlie’s experience with grief is only a plot line in Netflix’s new popular show, Dead to Me. However, many children in Manchaca, Texas experience grief every single day. The child therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Manchaca understand the subtleties in a child’s changing behavior, whether stemming from grief, divorce, or other changes in his/her life. If you think your child may be struggling, reach out to Thriveworks for help.

How Will I Know if My Child Needs Therapy?

It is so easy for us to forget that children bare the emotional weight of life changes, just as adults do. In many cases, adults think of childhood as a time of carefree fun, full of playtime and little responsibility. Although this is often the case, children still fall victim to the mental and emotional distress that occurs in daily life. Signs your child may be experiencing distress include but are not limited to:

  • Anger
  • Changes in daily patterns (sleeping, eating, etc.)
  • Inability to concentrate (in school or at home)
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities
  • Overreacting to small situations
  • Overwhelming sadness
  • Preferring to be alone
  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Taking part in violent activities

If a child or young adult begins to show any of these signs, or experiences other alarming behavioral changes, it may be time to sign up for therapy. Recognizing the signs early is crucial, as the problem can be addressed and resolved without it progressing far.

What if My Child Is Not Exhibiting These Signs?

It is so easy to miss the signs that signify your child may be in need of therapy. Keeping this in mind, children are always susceptible to changes happening in their environment. These changes can wreak havoc on their minds, and they no longer feel comfortable in their daily life. Any large change around the home, school, or personal life may make therapy a good option for your child.

When deciding if your child may be in need of therapy, consider the following scenarios:

  • Changes in friendship
  • Loss in immediate or distant family
  • Moving to a new school, neighborhood, or state
  • Parents going through separation or divorce

If your family is experiencing any large lifestyle changes similar to the ones above, it may be time to place your child in therapy.

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A child’s mind is forming and shaping every day with every experience made. It is so important, as adults, to observe our children’s environment and behavioral changes. At the first sign of a negative change, your child could be impacted for life. Our therapists here at Thriveworks Manchaca are ready to help your child with a variety of tactics designed for children. Don’t wait for your child to ask for help, give us a call to schedule your appointment with Thriveworks Manchaca today. We look forward to hearing from you and starting this important work.

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