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Rocky and his father have had a tumultuous relationship for the past several years. Though they’d gotten along in his early twenties, Rocky’s dad hasn’t always approved of his life choices, and the resulting distance between them has been daunting. When they meet up for family events or during the holidays, both men communicate passive-aggressively. While Rocky doesn’t want to keep the feud with his father going, he’s not sure how to reconcile their differences in a way that won’t involve them arguing. 

But with a cousin’s big wedding coming up, Rocky knows that it will be better for everyone involved if he and his father are able to reconnect. That’s why Rocky wants to schedule family counseling sessions for him and his father—he hopes that a mental health professional will be able to offer them the support and guidance they need to turn a new page in their relationship. Though he can’t predict his father’s reaction, he hopes that his dad will be open to talking with a counselor alongside him. 

Perhaps like Rocky, you also feel held back by negative family relationships and dynamics. Turning to a family counselor at Thriveworks in Louisville, KY could offer you a solution. By offering you and your relatives new coping strategies and communication methods, a family counselor could be the answer you’ve been searching for.  

Does Our Family Need to Talk with a Family Counselor?

Each family has different needs and dynamics at play, so whether or not you need a counselor depends on your situation and personal opinion. However, there are several indications that might serve as warning signs of negative family dynamics, including: 

  • Feelings of resentment or hostility 
  • Unruly behavioral issues in children or teens 
  • Persistent anxiety over financial issues or relationship difficulties 
  • Undiagnosed mental health conditions or disorders 
  • Alcohol or drug addiction

Additionally, it’s also common for family members to feel hesitant about seeking assistance from a family counselor. Some relatives may feel threatened by the prospect of sharing their personal lives and experiences with someone unfamiliar. Though it’s normal to worry that a family counselor may choose sides or divide your family, the truth is that our mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Louisville, KY are committed to improving the bonds that you all share. Their goal is to improve lines of communication and re-establish trust between family members that have grown distant. 

How Can Family Counseling Help Us?

At Thriveworks in Louisville, KY our family counselors can assist you and your relatives by: 

  • Providing assistance as you engage in balanced dialogue and candid discussion
  • Offering encouragement, enabling you to empathize and compromise with one another
  • Creating and promoting newfound respect for personal boundaries and healthy communication
  • Working through mental health conditions with family members to find new emotional balance and well-being 

And with the flexibility and convenience of our online counseling options, your family can still attend counseling sessions together, regardless of the distance between you. Schedule virtually and find a time to connect with relatives across the country. As long as everyone has a reliable internet connection and somewhere private to talk, the whole family can reconnect and grow together with family counseling through Thriveworks in Louisville, KY. 

Schedule Family Counseling at Thriveworks in Louisville, KY Today

You may find that it feels uncomfortable at first to share details about your family life, especially if you all live together. But by doing so, you’ll be giving your family counselor an in-depth look at what is going on in your family. With your valuable feedback, they can help you and your family to start implementing customized coping methods and communication strategies.

So if you and your relatives are ready to start moving forward with the help of a family counselor at Thriveworks in Louisville, KY, call our office today to get started. Our scheduling specialists can help you with each step of the process. And after you’ve finished, you’ll have instant access to exclusive perks, like: 

  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Email contact with your provider in-between session
  • Our Q&A ask-a-coach: for questions that can’t wait till the next session
  • Scheduling assistance from our specialists, 7 days a week 
  • Flexible cancellations and same-day appointments

Choosing to seek family counseling is a proactive step toward building a better home life and forging healthier connections between you and your family. While it’s never easy to navigate turmoil in our close relationships, our family counselors can offer hope and guidance for your family. There’s no shame in turning to the support of a mental health professional for your family’s benefit. Call our office in Louisville, KY today, and team up with a family counselor at Thriveworks.

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