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Numerous reasons can provoke partners in relationships to opt for couples counseling and marriage therapy. Dealing with a dilemma or dissension that prevents them from enjoying quality communication and intimacy is often helped by couples counseling, where they can explore and work on their issues.

Couples counseling and marriage therapy at Thriveworks in Louisville, KY has guided many couples with a wide range of issues. Qualified therapists help their clients learn new insights and emotional skills, as well as make them conscious of new habits that can positively affect their lives and relationships. Thriveworks’ therapists can help couples overcome crises and steer them toward more satisfying relationships. The way to a healthy relationship begins here.

Relationships and marriages undergo a variety of peaks and valleys and, in some instances, there may be issues that overburden the couple. Each issue—great and small–can be examined with the assistance of a professional therapist who can equip couples with the tools needed to overcome conflicts and seemingly mountainous concerns. Some of the most common issues couples experience are:

Turned Focus

When there are only the two partners in a relationship, the focus is on each other. In the past, time may have been spent dining out, sharing hobbies and catching up on the day at work. When a child enters the picture, there is so much to do to care and nurture this little being. Perhaps the wife turned to the child and never returned to the relationship with the husband. This leads to a lack of intimacy, where the two individuals become more like roommates.

Time Management

A busy lifestyle and stress sometimes pull couples in multiple directions. One person coaches a little league baseball team two out of seven days, while the other plans and prepares to lead a weekly Girl Scout meeting. Time must be carved out for volunteering at the kids’ school, and there is another business trip taking one partner away from home for the next several days. With so many events on the calendar—and no time for the couple except in passing–the quality of the marriage may start to decline. The partners need to regroup, examine their feelings and circumstances, and reach a unified decision about how to rearrange their lives and spend more quality time.

Emotional Infidelity

Partners can feel more hurt about emotional infidelity, because it is not just about sex. Emotional affairs are about an intimate relationship with someone outside the relationship. Sometimes, a partner seems to prefer sharing the highlights of their day, the pride from a promotion at work, a great story or problems with an outsider. To get back on track and learn to trust someone and be emotionally vulnerable after these “affairs” can be difficult. Learning how to talk to a partner about their needs helps to avoid emotional affairs.

Inability or Unwillingness to Forgive

Sometimes a partner commits petty offenses, such as leaving dirty dishes in the sink or snoring so loud sleep is impossible for the other person. Other times, the issues are traumatic like infidelity or increased debt. When a partner is unwilling to forgive the other, there is a deadlock in the relationship and meaningful communication and intimacy is severely affected.

Lack of Appreciation

Lack of appreciation happens when a partner takes things for granted. It could be minor household chores where one person has always done the dishes without ever receiving a word of gratitude. However, if the dishes were left unwashed, there would be a mess. A partner often does not realize how important something small is until it does not get done. Appreciation increases positive interactions. Thanking a partner builds a culture of appreciation, fondness and admiration within relationships. Many people struggle with “hypervigilance for negativity”–searching the environment and situations for the bad instead of the good things. The same applies to looking for good for the good in the relationship. The happiest couples are those who look for opportunities to recognize their partners for the good they do.

These examples are only a few of the many issues couples may experience in their marriage. Whether couples undergo a few ups and downs or a seemingly unsurmountable issue, there is help. Schedule a session with Thriveworks Louisville KY to find out more about how couples counseling and marriage therapy can help you and your partner get on the road to a healthier, stronger relationship.


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