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Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. We all go through difficult times in our lives that make us feel sad. It’s completely normal to feel down, for example, when a loved one dies or when you’re passed over for a promotion you really wanted.

For many of us, we may grieve for a while and then start to move on with our lives. The sad times may even lead to a greater appreciation for the good parts of life.

But for some, these dark feelings and moods last for longer than normal. You might be caught in a spiral of darkness and negativity that lasts for weeks, months, or even years.

If you’ve felt down for a long time, or you frequently feel sad in a way that is interfering with your life, then you might be suffering from depression. Depressive disorders can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to turn. Thankfully, mental health professionals are trained in treating depression and its symptoms.

We want you to know that support is available. If you want to speak with a therapist or counselor, call our office at Thriveworks Counseling in Lawrence, KS today. Someone from our scheduling team will help you get started.

Most Common Depression Causes and Symptoms

Your experience with depression might not be the same as it is for other people. There are many different forms of depression but here are some of the most common types:

  • Major depressive disorder: Major depressive disorder, or clinical depression, is marked by feelings of depressed mood, diminished interest in activities, substance abuse, and difficulty concentrating. These types of feelings may cause significant distress or interfere with other areas of a person’s life.
  • Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that causes extreme emotional highs and lows. You might feel on top of the world for a period of time, down in the dumps for another period of time, with periods of relative normalcy in between.
  • Postpartum depression: Women who suffer from postpartum depression may feel sad, fatigued, or emotionally numb in the weeks or months following childbirth. These symptoms can interfere with a mother’s ability to bond with their child.

Are you struggling with symptoms of depression? Working with a mental health professional can help. Call our office today at Thriveworks Counseling in Lawrence, KS to schedule your first appointment.

What Should I Expect From Depression Therapy?

Mental health professionals like therapists and counselors are experts in treating depression symptoms. During your first session, your provider will get to know you and will ask questions about your issues, symptoms, and concerns. Your therapist or counselor will use this information to create a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your mental health goals.

They may use a number of therapeutic techniques to do this. Psychotherapy is one of the most common methods used to treat depression and its symptoms. Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy involves therapist-guided discussions about your issues that aim to help you understand your depression and mitigate its symptoms.

One common form is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is used to treat many different issues including anxiety, depression, OCD, and eating disorders. CBT focuses on challenging and changing negative thoughts. You’ll learn about how your thoughts and emotions impact your life and how to interrupt negative thought patterns.

Therapy or counseling can help people living with mild, moderate, or severe depression. Give us a call if you want to speak with a mental health professional from Thriveworks Counseling in Lawrence, KS.

Get Started at Thriveworks Counseling in Lawrence, KS

Living with depression can be difficult but we want you to know that help is available. Our counselors and therapists have helped countless people get through difficult times and come out on the other side feeling happier and healthier. Call us today to start working with a licensed mental health professional from Thriveworks Counseling in Lawrence, KS.

We work hard to make sure you can fit mental health care into your busy schedule. We provide weekend and evening sessions for our clients, allowing you to schedule a session after work or on the weekend, whenever you have time. We don’t believe in waitlists and many of our new clients can see a provider quickly –– sometimes within 24-48 hours after calling.

We also accept many health insurance plans and offer our clients a number of exclusive benefits including text message support and our very own mobile app. When you’re ready to take the first step on your road to recovery, call our office at Thriveworks Counseling in Lawrence, KS to schedule your first appointment.

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