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Help Unique Transgender Identity Issues with Counseling

Have you often felt like you were meant to be born as a member of the opposite gender? Are you uncomfortable about the gender nature has assigned to you? Do you feel like your psyche and body sexual expressions don’t match?

If this is you, understand that the condition and feelings you’re going through have a name – Gender Identity Disorder (GID). Yes, it is an identifiable disorder and you can get help dealing with your feelings and confusion with the help of counseling at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center.

Symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) outlines several criteria to help counselors identify whether or not their clients have the disorder. Keep in mind that any person of any age can have this identity crisis. However, while adults are better equipped to understand their confusion, kids may express themselves in different ways. Here are the typical symptoms that indicate you need help at the Thriveworks, Las Vegas facility.

  • Patients of GID face a significant amount of anguish and torment at having to perform according to the roles assigned to them by cultural norms. These roles can include social, occupational, and all other major areas.
  • Patients need medical checkups to make sure that although they have the physical and sexual traits of one gender, they genetically belong to the opposite gender.
  • Medical evaluation can help identify any diseases or conditions that are interfering with the body’s natural genetic expression and causing the GID.
  • Patients have a constant feeling that the gender role they’re playing is inappropriate.
  • Patients have a compulsive need to express themselves as a member of the opposite gender irrespective of the possible advantages that social norms give to that particular gender.

Helping Patients with Gender Identity Disorder

When you sign up for treatment at the Thriveworks Las Vegas clinic, you can look forward to a holistic approach to your condition. If you have been dealing with other problems also such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, know that it is very common for patients of GID to resort to abusing drugs and alcohol in an effort to cope. But, with the proper psychological counseling, it is possible to be happy and live a well-adjusted, productive life.

During the first sessions of therapy at the Thriveworks Las Vegas therapeutic center, you and your loved ones will identify and understand the particular kind of gender identity crises that you are facing. Some people may find that their issues arise from innate homosexuality or that they simply like cross-dressing. Accordingly, the therapist will design a comprehensive treatment plan to help you. If needed, you may receive a course of hormones to help you develop some of the characteristics you identify with. For instance, a muscular body and deeper voice, or breasts and a more effeminate appearance.

If you feel the need for surgical alteration of your body, you’ll be required to go through a careful psychological assessment over a specific period of time.

For more information about how therapy at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center can help you, contact us by filling out the form on our website. Alternatively, you can call this number: (702)-820-3061.

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