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Heal the Pain of Sexual Abuse – It Wasn’t Your Fault

As the expert counselors at Thriveworks Las Vegas, center for emotional health explain, sexual abuse at any age is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. More than the physical pain, victims of the crime carry the emotional and psychological pain within them for possibly the rest of their lifetimes. While adults know what has happened because they are familiar with the act, children suffer deeply because they are unable to understand what really happened. It is only when they reach adulthood that they realize that the incident, whether one-time or repetitive was not acceptable and that a crime had been committed against them.

Understand that the Sexual Abuse Was Not Your Fault

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, you’re probably convinced that the occurrence was your fault. Like many people who have suffered similarly, it is understandable that you believe that your behavior, something you said or the way you dressed, or just being present in a certain place acted as encouragement to the perpetrator.

You might also think that you should have been more wary and that being drunk or maybe, getting drugged unknowingly is something you should have been watchful of. Spend time with the counselors at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center and you will understand that any kind of sexual abuse is NEVER the victim’s fault. And, no matter what the situation was, the abuser should not have committed the assault. Learn that it is okay to be angry at the person responsible for the crime.

Most Perpetrators are known to the Victim

The truth about sexual abuse is that the person committing the assault is typically well-known to the victim. And, when the attack comes, the victim is so shocked that often, he or she may just freeze being completely unable to do anything in defense. With children, the abuser is usually a relative or close family friend who was trusted by their parents. Given that kids are easily scared and intimidated; chances are that the perpetrator threatened them with serious consequences if they ever told anyone of the incident. If this is you, as a grownup, you probably find it hard to trust anyone, whether a family member or friend.

Rebuild Trust and Confidence with Therapy and Counseling

With therapy at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center, you’ll learn to build normal, healthy bonds and relationships. Like many victims, you may have instinctively buried the assault and tried to forget the incident. But, understand that it is important for you face the past and come to terms with it. With therapy and counseling, you can heal your troubled soul and feel the confidence and self-esteem returning. A scary fact about sexual trauma is that the victims often enter into abusive relationships in their later lives simply because they feel that they don’t deserve love and appreciation. This is just not true.

Don’t Let the Shadow of Sexual Abuse Cloud Your Life

Spend time with the counselors at the Thriveworks Las Vegas clinic and you’ll learn that you’re a unique, special person. You will be able to put the past behind you and love that wonderful person inside. Lay the past to rest and look forward to a new life with optimism and confidence. Contact us at (702) 820-3061 and take the first step. Today!

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