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You should have been asleep for four hours, but instead you’re awake, watching random infomercials on TV. As much as you would love to have what the shopping network is selling, you would love to have regular sleep more. If the infomercial started selling a sleeping draft, you would order with a rush delivery. Maybe you’ve tried many things to get more sleep: exercising more, diet changes, lowering the temperature in your bedroom. Nothing has delivered sustainable relief.

Cognitive behavior therapy has been shown to greatly benefit those who suffer with insomnia. CBT takes a thorough approach to therapy, offering practical solutions and addressing any underlying causes of the sleep disturbance.

No infomercial can sell a magic formula to better sleep, but Las Vegas NV insomnia counseling has helped many of their clients reclaim their sweet dreams.

Problems Associated with Insomnia

Sleep has an important function within people’s overall wellbeing. Good rest can restore people’s bodies and minds. People who struggle with sleep deprivation do not receive these benefits and are left with unpleasant side effects.

When insomnia steals sleep, people can experience negative effects in their lives. Some of those negative effects might include…

  • Impaired focus.
  • Decreased energy.
  • Irritability, anxiety, and even depression.
  • Weight gain.
  • Low sex drive.

Because insomnia has many root causes, it can pop up in anyone’s life.

Insomnia can be related to external factors in a person’s life. Stress from big life changes can trigger sleep disturbances. When people move, change jobs, have family difficulties, they are particularly vulnerable to insomnia.

Insomnia can be related to internal factors in a person’s life. Some people’s bodies are more predisposed to insomnia. Some medication or physical problems also come with sleep disturbances. Restless leg syndrome, menopause, chronic pain, and heartburn are a few examples of physical challenges that often trigger insomnia.

Many people experience some form of insomnia within their lifetime.

Maybe you are like Dan who cannot fall asleep until 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. each morning. Although he tries to go to sleep 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., he only sleeps a few hours each night, lying in bed awake most of the night. The lack of sleep has left him irritable and has strained his relationships. He’s ready for help and for restored sleep.

Maybe you are like Sue. She can fall asleep easily, but she wakes up for 4-5 hours in the middle of the night. Sue is having a hard time focusing at work, and missed an important goal. The price of sleep deprivation has become too high, and Sue wants help.

Las Vegas NV Insomnia Therapy

Working toward better sleep at night means making different choices during the day. But where should you start? One choice that can lead to better sleep is scheduling an appointment for insomnia therapy with Las Vegas NV.

The experienced professionals at Las Vegas NV offer Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a holistic approach to treat insomnia. They do not offer quick fixes, but instead, our professionals work with you and for you, offering sleep solutions that address both surface and underlying problems of insomnia.

Our professionals treat your specific sleep deprivation problems. Because insomnia can look different in each person, our counselors work with you to develop a plan that works for you.

Your sleep plan might include…

  • Examining your caffeine and alcohol intake. While caffeine might be an essential part of your daily survival strategy, it may also be contributing to the insomnia. Likewise, alcohol inhibits sleep, even though it is a depressant. Working with one of our counselors can help you make informed choices on your caffeine and alcohol intake that also support your sleep goals.
  • Restricting your sleep. It may sound crazy to restrict your sleep when you want to increase your sleep. But think about it this way….what do you do when you are awake at night? Do you lie in bed? Do you cat nap? If so, that could be hampering your body’s ability to sleep. An Las Vegas NV professional can examine your sleeping habits to optimize the time you are asleep.
  • Learning relaxation techniques. With time and practice, many people have learned how to control where their mind wanders as they fall asleep. Our trained counselors can introduce you to techniques that allow you to relax your mind and body as you are falling asleep or if you wake in the middle of the night. Over time, these techniques can lead to more sleep.

These practical strategies are just the beginning of the help insomnia therapy at Las Vegas NV offers. Our professionals know that addressing only the symptoms of any problem might not bring long-term help. We want you to sleep better, but we also want the help we offer to be sustainable.

Long-term solutions require addressing root causes.

There are many possible reasons people may suffer from insomnia. Our professionals have the experience to guide you in examining anything that may be causing your sleep disturbances. Is there underlying stress that could be managed better? Has an anxiety disorder resulted in insomnia? Are you facing a major life change and need healthy strategies for coping?

There is relief for insomnia, and insomnia counseling at Las Vegas NV has helped many clients find it. We offer flexible appointments and do not keep a wait-list. We also accept most insurance.

When you are dealing with the effects of sleep deprivation, we do not want you to deal with the difficulties of scheduling therapy too. We offer insomnia therapy and want to make the processing of finding help as easy as possible for our clients. Call today to schedule an appointment and to start working toward a good night’s sleep.

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