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Can you relate to Tonya’s experience? Her brother passed away a few years ago, and without him, Tonya’s life has not felt normal. They were close, even best friends. But many of the things Tonya found fun and enjoyable, she now finds are painful and remind her of her brother. She thought this feeling would go away with time, but Tonya is worried that life will always feel grayer, harder, and sadder without him. She wants to move forward, as her friends have encouraged her to do, but Tonya does not know how, as if reconstructing a life without someone she loves is an easy process.

Losing a loved one, whether friend or family member, might be one of life’s most awful experiences, and often, people respond to bereavement by going through the grief process. Grief is most commonly associated with people who have lost a loved one, but people experience grief after a loss of anything they love or hold dear: job loss, move, divorce, or pet’s death, just to name a few.

No one is immune from loss, and it is normal to experience grief. And yet, grief is a complicated process, full of emotions and mental health challenges. Often, people need help from a grief therapist to find a new sense of normal and process their feelings.

Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV’s grief counselors have journeyed with many clients through bereavement and helped them reclaim their bright future.

Feelings of Grief

Some losses come as surprises, and life changes in a moment. An unforeseen death or diagnosis forever alters people’s realities. Other losses are expected and can be prepared for. When people move, they often plan months, if not years in advance, and yet, they also often feel grief. Regardless of how the loss arises, a variety of intense emotions often accompany it.

Every loss is unique, and grief hits everyone in a unique way. There is no normal way to feel during or after a loss. Anyone who is bereaved, may also feeling …

  • Sorrow
  • Helpless
  • Anger
  • Regret
  • Lonely
  • Apathy
  • Fatigue
  • Shock
  • Relief
  • Guilt
  • Impatient
  • Confusion
  • Disoriented
  • Restless
  • Yearning

Because everyone feels different emotions during grief, if you are grieving, you may be able to identify with some of the feelings on the list. You may also experience emotions that are not listed. You may also feel multiple feelings all at once, even seemingly contradictory feelings.

However you experience grief, it is okay. Grief is a difficult process, and it is important to give yourself time to reflect upon what you have lost and how you feel about it.

Many people find it helpful to process their complex and varied emotions with a caring and trained grief counselor. Many people have recovered from loss and reconstructed a happy life with the help of Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV’s grief therapy.

What Is Grief Therapy?

Grief therapy can help the bereaved understand what they are feeling in response to their loss. Loss unearths feelings that are so intense and so complex that people often have a hard time knowing what they feel and why. With a therapist’s training and compassionate presence, many people are able to processing their feelings, accept them, and cope with them as they pursue a fulfilling life.

What could happen during grief therapy?

Generally speaking, grief counseling has two goals. However, each client is unique and Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV counselors individualize treatment to each client’s needs.

1) Looking back to the loss and accepting the loss.
Often the path forward begins by taking a step back. Grief therapy usually involves looking to the past and processing any feelings the loss has roused. Sometimes, grief counseling involves commemorating the loss or resolving it in a unique and personal way. Maybe a client wants to find a way to honor a loved one each day. Maybe an employee wants to write a letter about a previous job, even if the letter is never sent. There are many ways to process a loss, and Thriveworks Las Vegas therapists have the training and experience to help their clients find their unique path through grief.

2) Looking toward the future and adapting to a new life
Loss’s finality may be the hardest part about grief, and moving forward without a loved one or in a new circumstance takes courage. Adapting to reality usually means making room for something new—a new house, a new relationships, a new job, and more. Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV grief therapists have helped many clients also find a new sense of life purpose and happiness. New is what people make of it, and with a professional’s help, many people find a lot of good in the new life after loss.

As you have read, grief therapy is not a magical solution to one of life’s biggest challenges. There is no silver bullet. But there is help in the journey through grief. You do not have to grieve alone.

Making a Grief Therapy Appointment

Are you grieving? Would you like some support as you find your way? Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV’s grief therapists have available appointments.

When grief hits people with feelings of isolation, reaching out for help can feel even more difficult. We understand and have done our best to make scheduling an appointment for grief therapy as convenient as possible.

We have weekend and evening sessions available and take most insurance carriers. If you call our office, a scheduling specialist will answer and can make an appointment for you, often for the next day.

You do not have to journey through grief by yourself. Call to begin grief therapy at Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV.

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