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Having a healthy, vibrant family is an important goal in life for many people. Whether they want a big, little, or medium-sized families, many people dream of having close-knit relationships as husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

One of the many reasons family is valued in our culture is that family can give people identity and purpose. Parents work hard and provide for their children. Children learn, grow, and help as they are able. Each person contributes. Each person receives. Throughout the process, happiness, connection, and legacy are grown.

But family life is never perfectly balanced. The family is a system, so each person affects other people in the family. Sometimes, the effect is beneficial. Sometimes it is not. When the family is off-kilter, it is often helpful to have outside help to find equilibrium.

Thriveworks Las Vegas offers family therapy because we understand that being a family is not always easy. Every family faces challenges, and every family needs help. Family therapy through Thriveworks Las Vegas may be the help your family needs to regain its balance.

Life’s Disruptions

Think of the most famous TV families. The Bradys. The Huxtables. The Gilmores. The Bravermans. The Tanners. The Bluths. The Arnolds. The Cleavers. These families gave many people a picture into how vibrant, loving, and dedicated families can be, but they are the most beloved TV families because they also portrayed some of the toughest challenges that families of any size, ethnicity, or socio-economic status could face.

Life always throws a curveball at some point, usually when people least expect it. How families respond to life’s disruptions can either lead to healthier, more connected families, or it can lead to disconnection.

Family situations can change in a split-second, and often, when one family member faces a crisis, everyone is affected to some degree. Sudden disruptions often leave people disoriented and blindsided. People often begin family therapy during a sudden disruption such as,

  • A family member’s death
  • A permanent injury or disability from an accident
  • The loss of the family’s home
  • Financial stress or crisis
  • Job loss

Not every family faces crises. Some problems begin subtly and grow over time. These challenges may be no one’s fault, but by the time they are noticed, the challenge has begun to overwhelm the family. Many people begin family therapy to address on-going disruptions such as,

  • Caring for a physically ill or handicapped family member
  • Mental illness
  • Neglect
  • Alcoholism
  • Codependency
  • Domestic abuse

Why Family Therapy?

Most challenges that families face have solutions, but it can be hard to see a path forward when you are in the midst of a family crisis or on-going problem. Here are a few things a family therapist may do to help:

  • Utilize calm and systemic practices to help resolve differences.
  • Breakdown any communication barriers with individual members.
  • Strategize about ways the family could support each other through difficult times.

The prevailing methods of family counseling are family systems therapy and family structural therapy. Generally speaking, these look at how each individual is placed within the family system. A skilled therapist may explore the family’s coping mechanisms, role, expectations, and more.

The methodologies rest upon the foundational idea that families shape people’s behaviors, beliefs, and identity—for bad or good. Family therapy, thus, helps each individual member by helping the family as a whole become more harmonious.

Topics that a family therapist might examine include: love languages, personality types, birth order, communication styles, and interdependence vs. codependence.

Scheduling Family Therapy through Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV—

Thriveworks Las Vegas offers family therapy, and our counselors help their clients uncover the problem, solve it, and learn healthier ways to relate. Our counselors want families to understand how their family unit functions and how each member contributes. Each therapist at Thriveworks Las Vegas…

  • Understands how the problem is the real problem—not the individual or family who seeks help
  • Finds places for compromise and dialogue
  • Gives understanding and empathy
  • Aligns themselves with each individual and gives everyone a voice

Has life thrown you a curveball or is your family struggling with an on-going challenge? Is there tension in your family, but you all want a more peaceful home? Family therapy is not a magic formula or silver bullet, but it has helped many families regain a harmonious, balanced life again.

Thriveworks Las Vegas aims to provide our clients with topnotch care throughout their treatment plan. When you first call our office, a person will answer and assist you. You might even see your therapist within 24-hours. We offer convenient night and weekend appointments, and we accept most insurance plans.

Are you ready to become more in tune with your family’s needs and goals? If so, calling Thriveworks Las Vegas for family therapy may be just the guidance you and your family need.

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