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Codependency is a psychological condition that is often noticed in dysfunctional families. A family member develops a peculiar dependency relationship with another member who is dealing with a drug addiction or maybe alcoholism. In present times, the term codependency has been expanded to include any family member caring for a mentally unstable relative or even, someone who is dealing with a long-term illness. Over time, the caretaker develops an unhealthy bond with his or her charge. But, with the right kind of therapy and counseling like you can get at the Thriveworks Las Vegas, it is possible to overcome this mental condition and learn to live a normal life.

Codependency Can Affect Any Family Member

Any care taking individual such as a spouse, child, parent or sibling can slip into codependency without being aware of it. Kids raised in unbalanced environs often pick up the tendencies by watching the adults in the family leading to even more dysfunction in the family. Individuals with the condition pass it down over generations but strangely enough, have trouble forming healthy relationships. Like the consultants at the Thriveworks Las Vegas will warn you, the connections and bonds affected people do form typically involve mental and emotional anguish for both, the charge and the caretaker.

Learn to Identify the Signs of Codependency

Keep in mind that the people affected with codependency are completely unaware that they need professional help and counseling. And, they are themselves the victims of physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Take a look at these symptoms below. While these signs can help you identify a loved one who needs help at the Thriveworks Las Vegas, they might also help you recognize if you have a problem you need to talk about.

  • Dishonesty and lying
  • Constant need for approval, recognition, and appreciation
  • Feelings of hurt and anger when contributions are not recognized
  • Taking on tasks and responsibilities without being asked
  • Compulsive need to control the actions of others
  • Resisting change
  • Fear of being left alone
  • Getting enraged when things don’t go their way
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Difficulty in trusting people
  • Poor communication skills
  • Difficulty in recognizing boundaries
  • Feelings of rejection when a loved one chooses to spend more time with others.

Why Codependency Develops

Codependent people are typically battling a range of emotions that they keep hidden inside them. For instance, pain, rage, shame, or fear that they have never expressed and that no one has ever recognized. Talk to the consultants at Thriveworks Las Vegas and they will tell you that affected individuals go out of the way to help other people. They’ll care for them to a point when it starts to get weird but at the same time, they don’t trust their charges and keep an emotional distance from them. Taking care of other people becomes an outlet for their feelings and for this reason, they are deeply hurt when their efforts are not appreciated or rejected.

The first steps codependents need to take is to recognize that they’re special, capable of love and worthy of being loved. And, counseling at the Thriveworks, Las Vegas can make that happen. Call us for more information today at (702) 820-3061.

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