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We’re all familiar with uncontrolled behavior such as shopping compulsively even though you ran out of closet space long back or bingeing on carbs, sweet and high-calorie foods even though you’re fully aware of the possibility of weight gain and other health issues. Everyone who has ever gone through the bingeing is aware that the condition is linked to mental disturbances. You shop, eat, or binge on other things when you’re sad, anxious, or depressed. However, in a short while, you’ll probably go back to balanced behavior.

But, what if you couldn’t control those impulses? Talk to the counselors at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center and they’ll tell you that it’s actually a serious medical condition.

Chronic Impulsivity is a Mental Disorder

Close to 1 million Americans have the condition that is medically called Chronic Impulsivity. People who have this mental issue are unable to control their words, actions, or behavior and they act without thinking ahead of the fallouts. The psychologists at the Thriveworks Las Vegas facility talk about the how patients suffer from serious lack of self-esteem. They are unable to control their actions without someone stepping in to intervene. Patients of Chronic Impulsivity often display aggressive behavior; they constantly criticize themselves and feel inadequate.

What Makes People Develop this Condition

Chronic Impulsivity is typically linked to other mental disorders. Patients that have conditions like anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia often display symptoms of serious lack of self-control. Several other situations can also push people to lose control. Here are some of them:

  • Genetic inclination where kids with parents with Chronic Impulsivity also tend to act in a similar way
  • Picking up the habit by watching people around act without thinking
  • Result of physical, emotional, or psychological trauma such as losing a loved one to death, divorce, or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. As the counselors at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center explain, the victims may resort to bingeing as a coping mechanism.

Here are the Symptoms to Look For

If you think that a loved one is dealing with Chronic Impulsivity, you’ll want to be sure before you suggest counseling. Here are some of the signs that the psychiatrists at the Thriveworks Las Vegas facility tell you to look for:

  • Difficulty in concentrating on everyday tasks
  • Lack of interest in anything and quickly tiring of every activity
  • Taking risks
  • Showing anger and aggressive behavior
  • Disrupting activities progressing around them
  • Lack of forethought or concern about consequences
  • Difficulty in building and maintaining relationships
  • Impatience with people and situations

Helping People with Chronic Impulsivity

When you contact the consultants at the Thriveworks Las Vegas center, they’ll inform you that while there is no cure for Chronic Impulsivity, it is possible to help patients with an integrated program of medication and therapy. Medication can help the impulses from occurring while therapy and counseling can train patients on how to deal with the impulses so they behave in a rational way and don’t hurt themselves or others.

If you think a loved one needs help, contact us at this number: (702) 820-3061. We are happy to answer all your queries and offer solutions.

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