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Feelings of Uncontrollable Rage? Anger Management Therapy Can Help

Have you ever witnessed someone getting really, really angry? You’ll see them change from a normally nice person into a raging bull throwing things, destroying cherished belongings, or hurling verbal abuses at friends and family. What may seem like a not-so-significant issue to you can cause some people to completely lose their mind. Or, at a given time, you might have felt so angry that you almost can’t refrain from physically hurting someone. Whether these are occurrences that have happened to you or someone you know, know that with the proper counseling, it is possible to control emotions of anger and let them off safely – by talking to the consultants at Thriveworks in Las Vegas and learning anger management.

Anger is a very natural human emotion and can arise from many factors. In normal, everyday people, anger arises from feelings of frustration when life situations don’t progress as planned. Or, as a result of feeling wronged, insulted, or let down in some way. As children, we’re taught to deal with those emotions in a safe way. Like to calm down by listening to music, or pummeling a pillow, or even crying, ranting, and letting out the rage by talking about it. In some people though, anger can arise from other issues that may be psychological or medical. And, when the affected person is unable to let off steam in a healthy way and is in danger of causing harm to herself or to the people around her, it’s time to seek help from the professionals at the anger management clinic, Thriveworks in Las Vegas.

As the experts at the clinic in Las Vegas, Thriveworks will tell you, when used in a healthy way, anger can be channeled productively. But, rage can arise from medical issues like migraines, addictions to drugs, alcohol, and even, gambling. Mental disorders, biochemical changes in the brain, prolonged illnesses, even PTSD, the kind that soldiers deal with can all lead to anger. When you discuss your anger issues with the consultants at Thriveworks in Las Vegas, you might be surprised to find that your rage is linked to severe stress, childhood abuse, and sexual problems.

When you sign up for anger management treatment in Las Vegas with Thriveworks, the expert therapists will help you get to the root of the problem so you can deal with it effectively. They’ll guide you on how to identify the signs that you’re losing your temper, so you can control it before it gets out of hand. You can also learn other techniques like maintaining a journal, meditation, positive visualization, and any others that work well for you.

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