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Hidden Dangers of Alcoholism – How You Can Help

Did you know that alcoholism is the most dangerous of all kinds of substance abuse? The U.S. National Library of Medicine sponsored MedLine Plus reports that around 18 million Americans suffer from alcoholism or “alcohol use disorder,” as the experts at Thriveworks in Las Vegas call it. The trouble with drinking is that its abuse can creep up on you without your being aware of it. As soon as young adults reach the legal age when they can drink, social celebrations, weekend or vacation bingeing, and after work drinks become the norm. In fact, any person who claims to be a teetotaler is viewed with amusement and surprise.

While a couple of drinks can help you relax and may even be good for your heart, they’re safe only as long as you use them responsibly and remember not to drive after drinking. But, when alcohol becomes a reason to escape from stress, depression, and anxiety, it can quickly escalate into alcoholism. Emotional disturbances and life situations such as losing a job or loved one, divorce, breakup, going broke, and various other reasons can make you turn to drinks to forget your woes. The consultants and life coaches at Thriveworks in Henderson advise you to watch out for these triggers if you suspect that a friend or family member is an alcoholic.

Alcoholism can become a disease. Users talk about how they become powerless to control their urges for a drink and are not able to restrict the number of drinks they have once they get started. Then there is the need to consume larger quantities to achieve the same high that they had with a drink or two. Worst of all is the withdrawal symptoms. And, as the professionals at Thriveworks clinic in Las Vegas will tell you, alcoholics rarely recognize that they have a problem and need help. It is up to you, as someone who cares, to step in and intervene.

Watching a loved one struggle with alcoholism is not a pretty sight. And, if you think it’s time you took action, the first step is to educate yourself about the addiction. Call or contact Thriveworks today at (702) 820-3061 and request to speak with a consultant. You’ll find a sympathetic ear that is open to listening to your concerns and providing you with the advice and assistance you need. No matter where you’re located, the expert counselors will put you in touch with the center for alcoholism closest to you.

If you aren’t comfortable with calling, you also have the option of filling an online form, adding your email address, and putting down your query. Our consultants will have an appointment fixed for you within 24 hours at the center in Las Vegas or any other location closest to you.

Alcohol abuse can be a serious issue. It can lead people down the path of total self-destruction and even death. But, now you have Thriveworks to help you. Make that call. Today!

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