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Rob thought his family needed a fresh start. His wife passed away two years ago, and he tried to provide his two girls stability by continuing life as usual. Initially, he was afraid that if they grieved too long, they would be consumed by their sadness. So Rob made sure that they kept moving forward as a family. He stayed busy with work while the girls focused on school and extracurriculars.

But Rob noticed that in those two years, his children talked to him less and less and argued amongst each other more. His wife was always the one who could connect and find out what was on their minds, and those changes made him feel helpless. Unsure of how to improve the situation, he decided to find a job in a new town and give everyone the chance to start over with a clean slate. Unfortunately, the move that he thought might bring his family together only seemed to push them further apart. With nowhere else to turn, Rob decided to sign them up for family therapy.

A few sessions into working with their family counselor, Rob and his girls began having the hard conversations they were afraid of in these past years. Slowly, they began to understand each other better, feeling closer and more like a family.

You’ll inevitably experience hard times with your family, and sometimes you may need a little bit of help getting through them. If you and your family need some guidance, reach out to us and schedule a family counseling session at Thriveworks Counseling in Kenosha, WI. We can connect you quickly with a licensed mental health professional who can help you weather your toughest family challenges.

When Is It Time To Pursue Family Counseling?

There is no wrong time for your family to pursue counseling. In Rob’s case, a family counselor may have been able to help much sooner. But his decision to wait to seek counseling doesn’t mean that he and his family won’t benefit from counseling or therapy. It just means their treatment plan will look a little different.

It’s not unusual for families to hesitate before deciding to begin therapy or counseling. They ask themselves questions such as:

  • What if we don’t actually need a professional’s help?
  • Shouldn’t we be able to figure this out on our own?
  • What if we go to therapy and it doesn’t help at all?

Making any major decision for your family comes with doubts. Still, you can rest assured that the Thriveworks counselors and therapists in Kenosha, WI are committed to helping you resolve conflict and develop long-term communication skills.

Our providers have helped families facing issues like the following:

  • Grief and loss
  • Breakdowns in communication
  • Lack of understanding or respect for each other
  • Divorce, separation, and shifting family dynamics
  • Blending families
  • Behavioral problems in children and teens
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Stress caused by chronic physical illness
  • Long-held resentments and conflict

Even if you don’t see the specific issues your family is facing on this list, you can still reach out to a counselor or therapist at Thriveworks. Our family and marriage therapists in Kenosha, WI can help with a wide variety of challenges and would love to meet you.

How Do Family Therapy Sessions Work?

The structure of your family therapy session is influenced by many factors. The timing of when you decide to pursue counseling or therapy may be a factor, for example. Beginning sooner rather than later can make it easier to address major issues. Another important factor is which family members are in attendance. Not every issue warrants the attendance of all members of a family or household at all sessions.

Your therapist or counselor will tailor your treatment plan to suit your family’s needs. Your sessions will be guided by one or more forms of talk therapy, led by your provider. Some of the most common therapy types used in family counseling are family systems therapy, supportive family therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

At Thriveworks in Kenosha, WI, you and your family can connect with a therapist or counselor in person or online. Family counseling can help improve your family relationships by giving you the skills to face difficult situations now and in the future.

Start Your Sessions With a Thriveworks Counselor in Kenosha, WI

Schedule an appointment with Thriveworks Counseling today, and you could begin your first family therapy session in as little as 24 to 48 hours. We offer flexible appointments to accommodate your family’s busy schedule, including sessions in the evenings and on weekends.

Our providers accept most major forms of insurance and will be accessible by phone and email in between your appointments. Your family can also take advantage of our exclusive online video content for additional support between family therapy sessions.

If you’re ready to see your family thrive and grow closer, reach out to Thriveworks in Kenosha, WI to get started. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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