What is only child syndrome?

“Only child syndrome” is a popular but controversial term used to describe a set of perceived negative traits or characteristics that are thought to be common among children who grow up without siblings. These traits may include selfishness, loneliness, introversion, difficulty sharing, and an overdeveloped sense of independence.  However, it’s…

How to say no to someone with borderline personality disorder: Learn to navigate conflicts while still offering support

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a condition which can make trusting other people and establishing lasting relationships extremely difficult. This can make coping with BPD in relationships frustrating for the person carrying the diagnosis, as well as for a loved one who is often trying to understand and be supportive….

What to know about dating someone with bipolar disorder: Offering support, empathy, and setting your limits

Being in a romantic relationship has its ups and downs. But what about dating someone who has a mental health condition like bipolar disorder?  As it so happens, dating someone with bipolar disorder I or II may not be so different from dating anyone else, actually. And although it’s true…

Polyamory: Defining polyamory, navigating polyamorous relationships, and more

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are monogamous. While most people are only familiar with monogamous relationships, polyamory involves multiple nonmarital relationships between partners.  Polyamory isn’t about being able to do whatever you want with other people, while still reaping the benefits of going steady with…

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