Online Therapy in West Hartford, CT

Online Therapy in West Hartford, CT

Are you looking for online counseling in West Hartford, CT or near the Hartford area? You’ve struck gold! Thriveworks Counseling in West Hartford has online therapy sessions available. Many of our clients have found that online therapy sessions are the way to go, as they are convenient and just as effective as in-person sessions. If you’re looking for therapy and think that working with an online therapist might be the way to go, reach out today.

You can easily schedule an appointment by calling us at (860) 553-3374 or booking online by selecting one of the providers above to view available appointment times. To learn more about our mental health professionals, visit the counselors page for further information on their background, education, and specializations. We are dedicated to helping people in West Hartford and the surrounding areas find and secure the mental health services they are looking for.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is simple: it’s receiving therapy online! Don’t worry, the online therapists (or internet therapists, as some call them) at Thriveworks Counseling in West Hartford are licensed, skilled providers. The major difference here is that you will attend therapy via phone call, video chat, or email:

  • What is phone therapy? If you’re interested in online therapy, one option is to attend your sessions over the phone. You will set a specific day and time to talk to your therapist and then they will call you!
  • What is video therapy? This is similar to phone therapy, in that you pick a day and time to work with your therapist, who will then meet you in your video chat at the scheduled time. Some people prefer the video chat method to the phone therapy method because there is still some level of face-to-face interaction.
  • What is email therapy? And finally, you can also choose to work with your online therapist vie email or chat. Instead of occurring at an exact scheduled time, email therapy will occur over a longer course of time. Think: Emailing or texting a friend.

Online therapy is a great option for a lot of different people. For example: Those who don’t have a lot of flexibility in their schedule to drive to therapy and then have a 90-minute session. Also, some people simply prefer working with an online therapist versus working with an in-person therapist because they feel more comfortable.

What Benefits Come with Online Therapy?

We mentioned a few online therapy benefits above, including its convenience. Let’s delve into this benefit as well as additional benefits of online therapy sessions:

  1. Convenience: As we explained above, this is a major benefit of online mental health therapy. For many people, making it to any appointment is inconvenient as well as frustrating, especially when they have a busy school or work schedule. Online therapy is the perfect solution to this problem when it comes to receiving mental health services. You can attend your sessions from virtually anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet or your phone.
  2. Comfort: Another major benefit of online therapy is the comfort level, both literally and figuratively. Many of our clients attend therapy from the comfort of their homes—even in bed or on the couch! Also, many people feel more comfortable with the therapeutic process when doing so via phone, video, or email, which allows them to better succeed in therapy.
  3. Flexibility: Lastly, online therapy is flexible in a way that other forms of therapy and overall healthcare isn’t. You can typically schedule an appointment much more quickly as your desired therapist can more easily schedule a last minute session because it is done online.

Looking for therapy in or near West Hartford, CT? Get therapy online. Just give us a call to schedule your appointment. We are ready to work with you, via whatever medium you prefer.

Set Up Your Online Therapy Appointment at Thriveworks Counseling in West Hartford

If you’ve been considering or looking for therapy, consider working with an online therapist at Thriveworks Counseling. Or, if you’d prefer to work with a therapist in-person, we offer that option too! Our therapists, counselors, and life coaches are ready to meet your needs and help you find greater happiness and success.

You can easily schedule an online therapy appointment (or an in-person appointment) by calling (860) 553-3374 or booking online.

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The importance of finding a relatable therapist is key! Being in the medical field myself and coping with those stressors post 2020 traumatic events lead me to reach out for help. Learning understand and cope with moving forward in a healthier way. Thank you Ms Cano for making it easy to talk to you and relate!
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Marriage counseling

Eva is absolutely wonderful and has given us tools and techniques to improve our communication and marriage.
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Mimi is wonderful, attentive and kind. She's really helped me to grow and see the positives in myself. I am so happy to have met her!!!
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