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Patrick feels like his life is at a standstill. He’s worked for the same company for four years, yet not much has changed: he hasn’t received a raise or promotion; he lives in the exact same apartment; and he’s kept up with the relatively same schedule. Patrick feels like a few important pieces of the puzzle are missing: excitement, growth, and fulfillment. Upon further thought, he decides that he’s going to take action and schedules a session with a life coach.

A life coach is an expert who counsels others on personal growth, development, and fulfillment. Patrick, like many other people, realized that he didn’t have to feel stuck forever. He reached out to a life coach, explained how he was feeling, and starting to put in the work to obtain a happier, more fulfilled life. With the help of his life coach, Patrick identified some changes that could prove beneficial. He went back to school (with the support of his company) and moved into a house!

“Simply put, coaching is where you work with someone to connect with yourself, redesign your environment and your life, and then take action to implement it!” –Emma-Louise Elsey

The life coaches at Thriveworks in West Hartford help many different individuals find greater happiness and success in life. Their main job and mission is to help their clients achieve optimal living. Our life coaches help people to navigate major (or scary) changes in their life and grow on an individual as well as professional level. If you’re interested in discovering the benefits of life coaching, reach out to our office to schedule your appointment. Give us a call at (860) 553-3374.

What Can Life Coaching Do For Me?

Are you looking for Hartford life coaching? The life coaches at Thriveworks Counseling are on an important mission—one that involves guiding and supporting their client base. These professionals differ from counselors and therapists in that they concentrate on personal and professional development. Take, for example, the fictitious character Patrick whom we mentioned above. His life coach helped him make important changes that benefited his life. The life coaches at oour office want to provide you with the same value. Here’s what they can do for you:

  • They can provide you with professional support and guidance
  • They can assist you in identifying what is missing from your life or what could be improved
  • They can help you to set and obtain meaningful goals
  • They will keep you accountable for staying on top of those goals
  • They can provide you with the encouragement you need to stay on track
  • They can help you to build your self-confidence
  • They can lead you toward greater success and happiness

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If you’re interested in life coaching, you might be wondering how it works. How does it help people become more successful? The life coaches at Thriveworks Counseling in Hartford, CT have the skills and experience to help their clients. Let’s take a closer look at how they help their clients find success:

  1. Expertise: The life coaches at Thriveworks West Hartford in Hartford County have worked hard to acquire the skills important to helping their clients live better. They are experts on goal-setting, as well as identifying problem areas in one’s life. Working with a life coach is like working with a personal trainer; only, your focus isn’t on your physical health or appearance. It’s on your overall happiness, satisfaction, and success.
  2. Accountability: In addition to their expertise, the life coaches at Thriveworks West Hartford succeed in helping their clients by keeping them accountable. While some people find that a friend or family member can keep them accountable for their goals, it often takes a professional to keep us in check and offer us additional tools for setting and achieving our goals.

Life coaching is beneficial for many. If you think that you could find value in life coaching, reach out to our office. Schedule your appointment and start working toward a happier or more successful life. Give us a call at (860) 553-3374. We look forward to it!

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