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Watching people gambling away in Las Vegas and other casinos around the world, one wonders how people can turn an entertaining activity into a worrying situation for friends and family. You will be surprised to know how common this addiction is.

According to the doctors at the UCLA Gambling Studies Program, gambling can turn into a disease. It is a form of compulsive behavior and patients need help to stop themselves from destroying their financial and personal lives, careers, relationships, and almost every other aspect. If you know a loved one who is going down that road, get him help before it’s too late – by talking to the experts for gambling addiction at Thriveworks Las Vegas.

Before you understand how you can help an addict, here are some common myths that surround the problem. As the counselors at our Henderson clinic will explain, gamblers don’t necessarily spend time regularly playing the game. You must recognize it as an issue if it starts to have fallouts like maxed out credit cards and depleted family savings. Don’t be under the impression that as long as the gambler is not spending too much on the game and can afford it, he does not have a problem. Further, normally balanced and strong-willed people can also become gamblers. And, emotional and relationship issues cannot be counted as triggers. So, if your friend tells you that he gambles because his marriage is in trouble, do not believe it.

Here are some other factors that the therapists at our Las Vegas center will warn you about. Never think that bailing out a gambling addict is a helpful thing to do. The addict needs to take responsibility for his/her debts. Secondly, gambling need not be necessarily in card games, they can be virtual, online games, sports outcomes, scratch cards, and casino games like slots and roulette.

If you have a loved one heading for disaster, we understand how painful it is. The first step to getting over the gambling addiction is to admit that you have a problem and need to get proactive to overcome the habit.

Gambling addicts go through detailed stages of recovery including giving up control of their finances and eliminating the specific triggers that make them begin with the first round of the game. They also need to join support groups that can help them adopt healthy lifestyle habits to keep them so busy that they won’t think about their addiction. Most important of all, they need to be held accountable so they make the actual effort to avoid playing.

To help your friend or loved one make that effort, call us at (702) 820-3061. We can assist you in every way you need.

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