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Nothing is more painful that watching a loved one go on a downward spiral of self-destruction with the abuse of drugs. If you’ve suspected that a friend or family member is using some kind of drug, you must understand that substance abuse can be both a cause and effect of the problem. Once caught in the vortex, people find it impossible to get out without intervention. If you’re not quite sure what needs to be done, contact the experts at the center for addiction counseling, Thriveworks in Las Vegas.

Drug abuse can have various causes such as depression, anxiety, or any other mental issues. Some people turn to the comfort of drugs to escape from the mental or physical abuse they’re undergoing or to shut out some traumatic experience. Feelings of being unwanted or even a genetic propensity for substance abuse can make a victim turn to narcotics for relief from the pain they’re feeling. Further, people who have been exposed to the drug as fetuses are also likely to adopt the habit in their early adulthood.

But, why do people lose the battle against drugs? It’s not that they aren’t aware of the potential dangers and what the chemicals can do to their lives. As the expert consultants at our center for drug addiction in Henderson will explain, any kind of drug can trigger the release of dopamine in the brain. This feel-good chemical helps users forget their problems to a point that having the drug becomes more important than anything else in life.

To understand better how drug addiction can completely take over a person’s life, you can schedule an online consultation with the expert psychologists and coaches at Thriveworks in Las Vegas. No matter which city or state you’re located, you can schedule an initial phone or video session. You can also subscribe by adding your email ID and putting down your question. Rest assured that professional coaches will get in touch with you to address the issues your friend or family member is facing.

As you speak with the experts in Thriveworks Las Vegas, you’ll realize that victims of substance abuse are powerless to break the habit on their own. They’ll even deny that they have a problem at all. To help repair the damage they’re doing to their lives, you’ll have to give them all the love, support, and encouragement possible. And, once you get in touch with us at Thriveworks, you’ll understand just how you can make this happen.

Drug addiction is a scary thing and whether you’re a user or just someone trying to help a loved one, know that with the right guidance, it is possible to break the habit and return to good health. At the same time, the fight against substance abuse is a lifelong process and victims need all the support they can get . At Thriveworks, we can help you get all the help you need.

Call or contact us at Thriveworks by dialing (702) 820-3061. Talk to our expert consultants and you’ll feel so much more confident about breaking the habit and getting life back. For yourself or your loved ones.

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