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Steve’s mother passed away suddenly a few months ago, and life has not been the same since. Steve thinks about his mother all the time, and he finds himself telling the same stories about her over and over again. At seemingly random times, Steve misses her so much that it physically hurts. Steve cannot stop thinking about everything he wanted to do with her and say to her.

Can you relate to Steve’s experience? Steve is experiencing grief, a common, natural human response to loss. But just because the emotional response is normal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel anguishing.

Steve lost his mother, but grief can be experienced during a loss of any kind. Take Karen, for example. Karen was laid off after working for the same company for two decades. She feels like her whole world was taken from her. She misses her coworkers, many of whom were friends. They still see each other, but it’s not the same. Karen misses going to a fulfilling and meaningful job. Now, she clocks into a job where she is underemployed and spends her evening zoned out in front of the TV. She noticed that she is also angry, angrier than she has ever been. Karen wants to feel happy and fulfilled again, but she does not know how to reclaim what she lost. She does not know how to let go.

Losing someone or something beloved is a normal part of the human experience, but unfortunately, it is also one of life’s hardest difficulties to navigate. Grief is a strange process that often ignites other feelings, even contradictory feelings. To process their grief and re-establish a new normal, many people reach out to a grief therapist for help.

The grief therapists at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY have guided many people as they are rebuilding their lives after a significant loss. Many Thriveworks clients have found the compassionate, insightful support they needed during one of the darkest times of their lives.

What Causes Grief?

Have you lost something or someone you love? If you are reading this, most likely you have. People often begin grief counseling or grief therapy after a loved one dies, but this kind of counseling is for anyone who experiences a loss of any kind. Listing all the reasons people pursue grief therapy would be impossible, but here are a few of the reasons Thriveworks clients have walked through our doors in Buffalo, NY:

  • A loved one passed away
  • A precious pet died
  • Health problems or chronic pain make daily life more difficult
  • They experienced a temporary or permanent disability that prohibits them from their normal functioning
  • They have moved
  • Aging has led to a loss of independence
  • A divorce or breakup has ended a relationship
  • They have been laid off or lost their job.

Regardless of the particular circumstances that trigger grief, it usually signals that normal, everyday life has changed. And if someone’s life is still impaired by constant grief six months after their loss, it could signal an adjustment disorder or prolonged grief disorder.

Grief: A Complex Experience

People often feel grief as a normal response to losing something they value or love. While grief is a common experience, it is also a complex experience. Sometimes, grief feels like an enormous weight, pressing down. Other times, grief feels like relief. Sometimes, grief feels like deep sadness and sorrow. Other times, it feels like hot anger.

Everybody experiences grief in a unique way. There is no correct way to feel after a loss. If you have been grieving, you may also be struggling with the following:

  • Trouble focusing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Panic
  • Depression
  • Moodiness/irritability
  • Loneliness/isolation
  • Physically painful sadness

Have you experienced anything on this list? If so, you may be grieving. An adept grief counselor at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY can help you process your feelings and find new coping skills.

What Is Grief Counseling?

Losing someone or something you love can be one of life’s toughest experiences, and the grief that often accompanies loss is usually intense and confusing. People who are grieving often ask themselves, “Why in the world am I feeling this way? What is going on?”

Many people have come to understand what they are feeling and why they are behaving in a certain way with the help of a grief therapist. This understanding can then lead to processing the grief and re-establishing a new, fulfilling normal.

The grief therapists at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY individualize grief counseling for each client, but in general, therapy involves two steps:

  • Accepting the loss. Possibly the hardest part of loss is its finality. Accepting reality that the past can never been reconstructed is a difficult process that usually involves working through many of grief’s emotions—sadness, relief, regret, sorrow, anger, and more. Grief counselors often help people walk through these feelings and commemorate or mourn the loss in a way that is meaningful.
  • Adjusting for the future. Moving forward almost always means people need to make adjustments to their lives and make room for something new. Usually, people do not like anything new, and this part of the process can be scary and bring with it a flood of new feelings. Grief counselors know how to support their clients but also challenge them to find happiness and purpose after experiencing loss.

Talk to a Compassionate Grief Therapist at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY

Isolation, unfortunately, is one of the many feelings people who grieve frequently experience. The grief therapists at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY know how hard it can be to reach out for help, but we also want you to know that reaching out for help is often the first step toward healing.

Our kind therapists have appointments available, and we have done our best to make scheduling grief therapy as convenient as possible. When you schedule an appointment for grief therapy, a person will answer your call. Our scheduling specialists often make next-day appointments for our clients, even first-time clients. We do not have a waitlist so you will never be put on one. We also accept many types of insurance.

Have you recently lost someone or something you love? Grieving alone can be difficult. Call to schedule grief therapy with a trained and caring counselor at Thriveworks who can journey with you as you rebuild after loss.

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