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When people achieve their goals, they gain a feeling of satisfaction and the material benefits that it may bring. The need for a sense of control is satisfied. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, people become frustrated. When stuck in traffic jams, people don’t have control and they can become annoyed and unbalanced.

However, some people become so outraged over events they can’t control that they vent their anger verbally, such as cursing and yelling. When drivers display verbal anger on the road— “road rage”—they are reacting in a way that is more aggressive than is necessary for the situation. Other types of verbal abuse include temper tantrums, bullying, intimidation, and brow beating. The results for people who frequently display verbal anger can be divorce, a lawsuit, loss of friends, and warnings by human resource professionals or management at work. These consequences can be devastating.

The experienced anger management therapists at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY have worked with individuals with frequent anger issues, helping them to identify causes and solutions. For more than a decade, Thriveworks has worked with people to create a plan to appropriately respond to the cues that make them angry in order for them to enjoy healthier lives.

What Are the Types of Anger?

People can experience the following different types of anger:

Chronic Anger. This is prolonged anger that can impact the immune system and lead to numerous other ailments, as well as cause mental health issues.

Passive Anger. Difficult to identify, passive anger does not always come across as anger.

Overwhelmed Anger. With this type of anger, life demands require too much time and energy for a person to cope with.

Self-inflicted Anger. The anger is directed toward the person and may be caused by feelings of guilt.

Judgmental Anger. This type of anger is directed toward others and may also be associated with feelings of resentment.

Volatile Anger. The anger involves sometimes spontaneous periods of excessive or violent rage.

The qualified mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY can help you identify what type of anger you’re experiencing and what you can do about it.

What Causes Anger?

Anger can be caused by numerous triggers, such as the following:

  • The loss of a family member, friend, or somebody close causes grief and sadness.
  • When people are tired, they can be easily irritated and have much quicker tempers.
  • If somebody is embarrassed, is the victim of bullying, or has been given news that a person close to them has a serious illness, they may feel they have been wronged or treated unfairly.
  • When somebody loses a job or is finding it hard to make ends meet financially for some reason, the problems stack up and cause stress.
  • If a person does not feel well, is in chronic pain, or is experiencing mental health issues, they can become angry.
  • If a crime has been committed—a burglary or violent offense–against the person or loved ones, it can cause anger. In addition, minor incidents like being treated unfairly, may also be a trigger for anger.

Anger management specialists at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY can show people alternative ways of coping with negative emotions without displaying maladaptive behaviors.

Anger Can Make You Sick

When people are not able to manage their anger appropriately, they can become sick much the same way that stress can cause illness when it is not dealt with. Some of the health problems that may occur when a person is angry on a regular basis for long durations are:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Aches in the back
  • Headaches
  • Problems falling asleep or restless sleep
  • Eating disorders
  • Low self-confidence
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse

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Don’t wait any longer to begin anger management counseling at Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY. Therapists at Thriveworks will work with you to recognize the causes of your anger, teach you how to respond to its triggers in positive ways, and provide the most effective anger management treatment plan. Call Thriveworks in Buffalo, NY at (716) 541-0841 today to get started on the path to leading a healthier life–mentally and physically.

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