Women’s History Month: Honoring 5 famous female psychologists of the 20th century

Female psychologists have played a major role in key areas of modern psychology. From discovering defense mechanisms to attachment styles, and even laying the framework for contemporary child therapy practices, female psychologists have been doing the most—for over 100 years.  A few of the most notable female psychologists of the…

Women who go on dates with someone they are not romantically interested in, just to get free food, are more likely to exhibit psychopathic and narcissistic traits

A new study says that women who go on dates just for free food are more likely to exhibit dark personality traits like psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. A “foodie call” is where someone goes out with someone despite a lack of romantic interest because they want a free meal. This…

Do men get angrier than women?

“Do men get angrier than women?” The majority would probably say yes: Men do get angrier than women, and more often. But would the majority be correct? Or, would they be endorsing another one of many gender stereotypes? Read: Anger Management 101 Science overwhelmingly shows that this is, indeed, just…

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