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Women find same-sex social interactions more rewarding than men do. This discovery could change how mental illnesses, like depression, are treated in women.

Researchers from Georgia State University found that women are more sensitive to the rewards of oxytocin, a chemical released during social interactions. The team observed that the more intense the interaction, the greater the reward.

Understanding sex differences in social reward processing is crucial to understanding sex differences in the occurrence, as well as treatment, of mental illness.

This study offers new insight that could lead to effective mental health treatment centered around social interactions for women.


Georgia State University. (2019, January 30). Females find social interactions to be more rewarding than males, study reveals. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 21, 2019 from

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett is the Content Development Manager at Thriveworks. She devotes herself to distributing important information about mental health and wellbeing, writing mental health news and self-improvement tips daily. Taylor received her bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism, with minors in professional writing and leadership from Virginia Tech. She is a co-author of Leaving Depression Behind: An Interactive, Choose Your Path Book and has published content on Thought Catalog, Odyssey, and The Traveling Parent.

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