Petulant borderline personality disorder (BPD): Signs, causes, treatment options, and more

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a complex and multifaceted mental health condition known for its diverse symptoms. While it affects individuals differently, a subset of BPD patients exhibit distinctive behavior patterns characteristic of what is commonly referred to as “petulant BPD.”  This variant presents a unique challenge for both clinicians…

“I have no desire for my husband”: What to do when you drift apart from your spouse

Relationships can provide numerous benefits—support, love, acceptance, belonging, companionship, and understanding, to name a few. However, they don’t come without their hardships. As time passes, people change, and sometimes it can be difficult to adapt to those changes when you see them in your partner or even yourself. If you…

How to gain someone’s trust back: Manageable steps for rebuilding security and stability in relationships

To make mistakes is to be human—but when our actions result in us hurting someone we’re close to, it’s possible to lose their trust. And odds are, if you’re reading this, you’ve either lost someone’s trust, or are searching for ways to forgive someone for something they’ve done to you….

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