Learning disabilities appear differently in kids and teens: Here are the signs and symptoms for both age groups

Signs and symptoms of learning disabilities can change with age; it’s important we understand these differences in presentation among children and teens. Common learning disabilities among children include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and processing issues. Those who struggle in these areas can struggle with reading, writing, working with numbers, and processing…

Screen time doesn’t harm teen mental health! (Video)

Despite popular belief, screen use does not have a negative effect on teens’ wellbeing. This, from researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute.Read: Back to Basics, Child Therapy Researchers analyzed data from over 17,000 teens, including total screen time per day, depression symptoms, self-esteem, and mood. Researchers relied on self-reported measures…

How does divorce affect children? If parents aren’t careful, their child or teen might lose their sense of safety and security

Kids and teens are more susceptible to mental health problems because their brains are still developing. It’s important that they’re shown continuous love and support as they change physically, mentally, and emotionally. When parents divorce, this balance of love and support can get thrown off and negatively impact the kids….

Parenting teens with love and logic: Mental health professionals share valuable tips for raising teens and maintaining strong relationships with them

The teen years are characterized by developmental changes—both physical and mental—that can make this time difficult for teens and parents. Fortunately, parents can make this time a little easier on everybody by parenting their teens with love and logic, according to mental health professionals. Parents should maintain open and honest…

A Father’s Rejection Can Increase Social Anxiety and Loneliness in Children

Everybody can benefit from some time spent alone—most even desire some peace and quiet to themselves. Too much alone time, however, can result in feelings of loneliness and negatively impact our mental health, as a healthy and happy life demands we maintain loving interpersonal relationships: with friends, old and new;…

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