5 journal prompts for your mental health

Journaling enables us to express and process our emotions as well as our thoughts without judgment. However, the act of journaling is more difficult for some than others. If you’re interested in journaling but unsure where or how to start, mental health prompts can provide direction and offer health benefits,…

How to deal with jealousy at work

Does everyone in your workplace get along well… or is there an undercurrent of negativity—or even jealousy? Jealousy can be a difficult and destructive emotion – and it can wreak havoc in the workplace. It’s technically distinct from envy: Jealousy usually involves feeling like a rival to someone else, but…

Workplace stress can hijack your mental health. If your workplace is a nightmare, consider running your own business and utilize these tips for success

Work is a common cause of stress, for a number of reasons, including: fear of losing one’s job, gossip, and a long commute. You can take control of these stressors and ultimately improve your mental health by working for yourself. It’s important to note that self-employment doesn’t come without stress—the…

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