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Handgun purchasers with a previous DUI conviction are more likely to be violent and commit crimes than handgun purchasers without a DUI record

New research suggests that handgun purchasers with a previous DUI conviction are more likely to commit violence crimes than handgun purchasers without a DUI record. Researchers identified every individual between 21 and 49 years old who legally purchased a handgun in California in 2001; researchers then identified any violent crime…

Food tastes better when you’re sitting down (Video)

If you want to thoroughly enjoy your meal, eat it sitting down. This, from researchers at the University of South Florida. Their study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, found that food doesn’t taste as good when we’re standing up. They came to this conclusion after having 350 participants…

Choosing a high-calorie dessert first might lead to your choosing an overall healthier meal, research says

A new study, after conducting four experiments, says that choosing an indulgent dessert first could help you eat an overall healthier meal. In a cafeteria experiment, a dessert option (cheesecake or fresh fruit) was placed at the beginning or end of the cafeteria line; the online experiments replicated this design….

Researchers say if parents want to successfully cut back on their child’s screen-time, they must first cut back on screen-time themselves

New research shows that if parents want to successfully reduce their children’s screen-time, they should cut back on their own screen-time. Kids are spending more and more time playing on iPads and sitting in front of the TV, which feeds an increase in obesity among children. The researchers sought to…

Increasing nicotine intake four-fold might help smokers finally kick the bad habit, researchers say

New research shows that smokers who want to quit the habit might find success if they increase their nicotine intake. The researchers say that smokers can tolerate a much larger dose (four times what is normally recommended) than that found in most nicotine replacement medications, and they’re capable of determining…

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