relationship issues

The pros and cons of a starter marriage

Starter marriages are legal unions that only last a few years and produce no children. The term “starter” can seem insensitive, especially considering that young divorcees still suffer emotional and social consequences when their marriages end. The first year of marriage tends to challenge most couples–but so does the 4th…

New Thriveworks research shows abundance of parasocial relationships in the US

A new research study from Thriveworks shows that more Americans are engaged in parasocial relationships than they care to admit. Humans naturally form one-sided connections to media personas and public figures, even genuinely mourning their deaths. These parasocial relationships are usually harmless, though 9% of people report lasting mental health…

Some unsolicited advice on seeking answers from advice columns

Modern advice columnists answer questions about sex, relationships, work, mental health, and existence itself.  Your probability of taking someone’s advice is determined by a number of cognitive and social factors, like their reputation and your emotions. People–especially people with low motivation–frequently just need a listener, not an advice-giver.  We can…

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