relationship issues

Are relationships between empaths and narcissists always toxic?

As the adage goes, opposites attract… or do they? From horoscopes, classic rom-coms, and even our dating app preferences, many of us seem almost obsessed with our personality types and who we are (and aren’t) compatible with.  Now consider an unlikely romantic relationship between two people with personality types that…

The pros and cons of a starter marriage

What is a starter marriage? Well, obviously it’s the beautiful union between a starter wife or a starter husband and their starter spouse. Gorgeous wedding, all the gifts, no children, and they’re divorced within five years. These kinds of marriages have also been called entry-level marriages, icebreaker marriages, warm-up marriages,…

New Thriveworks research shows abundance of parasocial relationships in the US

A new research study from Thriveworks shows that more Americans are engaged in parasocial relationships than they care to admit. Humans naturally form one-sided connections to media personas and public figures, even genuinely mourning their deaths. These parasocial relationships are usually harmless, though 9% of people report lasting mental health…

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